CHV Electronics The Entire Bundle (FxScript) v11-2010



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The entire collection of all Fx-Script plugins from CHV-electronics for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

The Entire-Bundle includes all Fx-Script plugins from CHV-electronics. All updated will be free of charge and will be sent to you via email by request. This bundle includes all of our Fx-Script plugin collections


This bundle includes all of our Fx-Script plugin collections
The Entire-Bundle contains 161 plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

  • The Repair-collection
  • The Morph-collection
  • The Enhanced Essentials-collection
  • The Text-collection
  • The Time-collection
  • The Film-Filter
  • The Distortion-collection
  • The 3D-collection
  • The AlphaWipe-collection
  • The Clone and Paint-collection
  • The Keyframe-collection
  • The MotionTracker-collection
  • The Bezier Garbage Matte Pro
  • The Color-collection
  • The Starters-collection
  • Silk and Fog
  • iSilhouette

Also Included:

  • 55 masks for the AlphaWipe-collection
  • Filmstrip-borders
  • Manuals
  • The free Silk and Fog filter
  • The free iSilhouette filter

For Fx-Script plugins it does not matter if you use Final Cut Pro 5.1 on a brand new Mac Pro with an Intel processor, or if you use Final Cut Pro 2 on an older PowerPC Mac. Fx-Script plugins are working with all versions of Final Cut Pro (2-7) on all Mac computers where you can install Final Cut Pro.

This is because of the fact that Fx-Script plugins are using directly the internal functions of Final Cut Pro. A Fx-Script plugin is actually a script that is executed by Final Cut Pro itself. The advantage of this method is that Fx-Script plugins are always completely independent from the hardware of the computer, graphics card and processor, simply because Final Cut Pro is responsible for the execution of all functions.

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