Curious Turtle’s Silhouette Projects: The Tools of Silhouette


Master the new features of Silhouette V5

The latest release of SilhouetteFX's software adds a whole range of new and improved features for your VFX work. Shortcut the learning curve and get working fast with the new addition to Curious Turtle's renowned training courses. This self-paced course is structured into sections, with core skills being built-up and expanded over the six-and-a-half hours of pin-sharp HD video tutorials.



This focuses on the significant updates to the UI, Trackers and Roto toolset.  This is about fully articulated rotoscoping. Fast.


Set up your Paint Node to work quickly between different tools and brushes.  Then use Auto Paint to do the rest of the work for you.

Warping and Morphing

The new Morph Node opens up a whole world of opportunities.  We start with fundamentals before making a cat talk and use an extreme morph example to show the concepts and practice.

S3D Node

Generate 2D-3D Conversions with enormous speed, flexibility and control. Use Silhouette's many tools and Nodes to make dimensionalization a snap compared with other techniques.



Improve your Roto Work and Take it Far Beyond Mask Creation

In this course you will take your core Silhouette and roto skills and see how you can quickly build on those to perform a wide range of VFX tasks.  Presenter Ben Brownlee will take you through various types of shots and projects, showing you how to boost your work, your speed and avoid making mistakes with SilhouetteFX's toolset.

A quick list of the projects is:

  • Project 01 : New Rotoscoping Tools
  • Project 02 : Roto Techniques Part 1
  • Project 03 : Roto Techniques Part 2
  • Project 04 : Additional Paint Features
  • Project 05 : Introduction to Warping
  • Project 06 : Further Warping
  • Project 07 : Introduction to Morphing
  • Project 08 : Further Warping
  • Project 09  : Introduction to S3D
  • Project 10 : Depth Tools in S3D
  • Project 11 : More Depth Maps in S3D
  • Project 12 : Working with Stereo 3D Footage

Click here for a full course overview, including class breakdowns.

Silhouette Projects - Screenshot 5


This is an intermediate level course and you should have some familiarity with Silhouette's UI. If you want to learn the core tools, we recommend you start with Master Rotoscoping with SilhouetteFX.


Updates to the core Rotoscoping Tools, with the IK (Inverse Kinematics) tool making fast work of complex human roto and other jointed objects. We explore how to integrate this powerful new tool into your planning and rotoscoping structure.

Add some new motion tracking tips and you can save even more time. This section looks at a couple of different shots.  The first gets us familiar with the UI, Motion Tracking and Roto tool changes. The second kicks it up a gear, for a more complex piece of footage, which features tracking hard-to-track areas, structuring a full-on articulated roto, plus dealing with tricky clothes and motion blur. This shot is so big we have to split it over two classes!


A large number of improvements to the Paint Node make it even easier to get the job finished in Silhouette, as we paint out a radio mic on our presenter.

Set up your Paint Node to work quickly between different tools and brushes.  Integrate the paint strokes seamlessly on a single frame, then automate the process across the rest of the clip using the brand new Auto Paint.  Take the speed of Raster Paint and the flexibility traditionally found with Vector Paint.

Build on the techniques we explored in the Roto Node and avoid common mistakes when it comes to Auto Paint and adjusting our painted frames.

Warping and Morphing

The new Morph Node opens up a whole world of opportunities.  We take a structured look at how these powerful features work. This builds the complexity of tasks from first principles to giving animals the ability to talk, through to how we structure a morph between two disparate characters and locations.

If you have never touched Warping or Morphing before, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll understand it. Especially if you are familiar with Silhouette's core rotospline tools. The process and structure of creating these types of projects is shown logically, and you see how to identify and fix problems as they occur. The extreme nature of some of these examples should make it easier to use these techniques on other projects.

S3D Node

The S3D Node is an optional module to help generate 2D-3D Conversions with enormous speed, flexibility and control. It can also re-purpose existing Stereo 3D footage and outputs to a wide range of stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic formats.

This series of tutorials shows how we use our existing Silhouette skills with the new features to tackles a variety of different footage types.  We discuss some monitoring options and UI features before diving into our series of shots. This includes wide location shots, close up objects, plus a human dimensionalization project. This draws on and integrates a number of the techniques acquired in the previous sections.

We finish up by checking out the features available for working with Stereo 3D footage in the S3D and other nodes.

About the presenter

Ben Brownlee is a VFX artist, digital media specialist and instructor with 13 years industry experience across a range of disciplines.  He has worked on broadcast and film projects across the globe.

He is an experienced trainer, devising and presenting courses for post-houses, broadcasters and other professionals.  Additionally he presents online and self-paced tutorials, and has worked extensively with Tiffen, Moviola and fxphd. Ben has also created over 100 hours of video tutorial content for Curious Turtle.


Here's what you get...

  • All videos are compressed to 1080P HD H264 format, to give you the clearest view of the screen possible. 
  • Each project comes with the final application projects, so you can easily pick the project apart.
  • Footage is provided so you can follow along
  • Stuck on a problem?  Use the free course email and we'll help you out.
  • Instant Download


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