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CHV Electronics The Time Collection (FxScript) - featured

A set of 13 plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

The Time-collection holds a number of plugins, all dedicated to changing the speed of your video and to create great looking time depending effects.


  • TimeControl V4.0 - TimeControl is used to change the speed of a clip in a specific way. You can define up to 16 Markers and tell these Markers how fast a specific frame and section has to be played. This enables you to speed up and slow specific parts of your clip.
  • Speed V4.0 - With Speed you can speed up and slow down a clip. You can even let a clip run backwards or stand still. Use this plugin if you want to have a certain speed of a clip at a specific position of the timeline.
  • Flexible Time V4.0- Go back and forth in a clip with one easy-to-use slider. Flexible Time gives you the chance to go back and forth within a clip. You can go back and forth in time and let a basketball player dunk the ball a hundred times in a row.
  • Long Exposure V4.0 - Create a "long exposure time" effect. Long Exposure adds up a certain time range and creates an effect as if you have used a long exposure time with your camera. Moving objects will appear as a blurry mass. Non moving objects don't change their shape and will stay clearly visible.
  • Blurry Vision V4.0 - Create the impression of a blurry eyesight. The effect looks like, as if still-frames from various moments around the actual time appear and go away in a random way.
  • On Drugs V4.0 - Create the impression as if you are on drugs.
  • Random Frames V4.0 - Random Frames creates a slideshow of images randomly selected from the applied clip.
  • Staccato V4.0 - Staccato creates an effect that is sometimes also called "Strobe Dissolve". But Staccato gives you more options.
  • Time Shadow V4.0 - Time Shadow creates shadows from nearby time periods. These shadows are superimposed over the current timeframe. You can control a number of settings to make the effect as versatile as you like.
  • Time Smear V4.0 - Time Smear creates automatically a trail behind and in front of all moving objects of your footage. The trail can be superimposed over the footage.
  • Time Tunnel V4.0 - Time Tunnel creates a tunnel by using older frames of the clip. This filter is not a "motion blur", or a "zoom blur". Time Tunnel uses older frames of the clip to create the tunnel effect and not just only the current frame.

Compatible with all versions of Final Cut Pro (including Final Cut Pro 6) and Final Cut Express.

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