Plug-ins Compatible With FCP X

category_nameThese products are compatible with FCP X. For updated information on FCP X related plug-ins, see this blog post: Apple Final Cut Pro X - 3rd Party Plug-ins Updates.

CrumplePop ColorKit Suite for Final Cut Pro X
ColorKit Suite is a set of powerful color and film tools for Final Cut Pro X. ColorKit combines a sophisticated color grading tool (ColorKit) with a beautiful set of analog film grain and light overlay tools (Grain35, OverLight, HalfLight). The result is dramatically superior texture and color – all available via the simple drag and drop interface of FCP X.

Waves Mercury
From equalizers, reverbs, compressors and limiters to noise reduction, surround processors, modeled analog console modules, Signature Series collections and beyond, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this.

Waves Studio Classics Collection
When it comes to audio hardware modeling, Waves sets the standard to which others aspire. Our plugins don't just mimic components and circuit schematics; they recreate every last nuance of actual hardware behavior.

Waves Video Sound Suite
Professional video editors know that first impressions are lasting impressions. With producers and clients focused on every frame, even your rough cuts have to win them over. That means when you hit play, what comes out of your speakers has to be every bit as good as what’s up on the screen.

ABSoft Neat Video Pro
Neat Video is a video filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in digital video footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners, digitizers of film or analog video.

Alex4D Animation Transitions for FCP X
Alex4D Animation Transitions is a pack of Final Cut Pro X transitions you can use to easily animate graphics, text and clips onto and off the screen.

Boinx Software FxTiles
Boinx Software and Noise Industries, teamed up to create FxTiles, a collection of amazing 3D filters and transitions.

Boris Box Set
The Boris Box Set delivers a wide range of high-power effects, compositing, and graphics tools to industry-leading video editing and compositing applications.

Boris Continuum Complete AE & FxPlug Bundle
Get both the FxPlug and Adobe versions of Continuum Complete in this bundle.

Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug for Final Cut Pro & Motion
Saving time and post-production budgets, Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug gives editors and motion graphics artists the power to create high-quality broadcast graphics and perform project-saving image restorations within Apple Final Cut Pro. A whopping 200+ filters include extruded text, 3D particle effects, image restoration and touchup tools, true 3D lens flares and volumetric lighting effects, keys and mattes, color grading tools, time-based effects, blurs, glows, stylish auto-animating transitions, and cinematic effects such as film glow, film grain, and film process looks.

Boris Continuum Unit: Art Looks
Instantly recreate classic art styles like watercolor, cartoon, charcoal, and pencil sketch. Includes 12 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Blur and Sharpen
Rack focus, add depth, and motion blur. Includes 10 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Color and Tone
Professional level color grading tools like 3-Way Color Grade, brightness and contrast, and hue saturation. Includes 15 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Film Style
Evoke the look of early Hollywood films with film damage, glow, and film grains. Includes 8 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Image Restoration
Fix flawed footage fast. Reduce noise, fix flicker, remove damaged pixels, apply digital makeup, and more.

Boris Continuum Unit: Key and Blend
Create seamless composites with mattes, wraps, cleanup, chokers, and more. Includes 20 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Lights
Light it up with stage lights, lens flares, light sweeps, volumetric lighting, and more. Includes 21 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Match Move
Recover motion data from a clip. Import mocha tracking data for easy image replacement.

Boris Continuum Unit: Particles
Generate organic matter, realistic explosions, and weather conditions. Includes 10 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Perspective
Create 3D shapes, add 3D perspective to 2D images, features the wildly popular Ken Burns style filter BCC Pan & Zoom. Includes 13 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Stylize
Produce a retro tv look, add scanlines, misalignment, and more. Includes 18 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Textures
Create animated organic backgrounds and surfaces. Resolution independent. Includes 17 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Time
Travel through time. Featuring loops, displacement, and the popular Beat Reactor, animate an effect to the beat of music. Includes 12 filters.

Boris Continuum Unit: Transitions
Dissolves, wipes, and blurs to instantly set the stylistic tone of a project. Includes 30+ filters. The Boris Continuum Transition Unit gives you access to a variety of wipes and organic transitions such as swish pan or lens blur dissolves. Achieve perfect transition timing with the use of a handy on-screen animation graph for ease in and ease out of the transition.

Boris Continuum Unit: Warp
Morph, warp, twist, and distort footage. Includes 11 filters.

Boris Soundbite
Boris Soundbite quickly and accurately finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media. Video editors, producers, and journalists can instantly play all occurrences of a spoken phrase in their media, then insert the perfect take into their FCP or Premiere Pro project, organize clips around keywords, and even find replacement words for problematic audio. Based on Nexidia’s patented dialogue search technology - which has received accolades from Creative COW, DV Magazine, Post, and others - Boris Soundbite greatly reduces logging and transcription costs and lets you spend your time being creative instead of manually searching hours of video.

Calibrated Software AVC-Intra Create
Encode AVC-Intra QuickTime .MOV files from 3rd party applications that support QuickTime.

Calibrated Software AVC-Intra Decode
View and use XAVC-Intra & AVC-Intra MOV files in QuickTime Player and other applications that support QuickTime.

Calibrated Software AVC-LongG Create
Encode AVC-LongG QuickTime .MOV files from 3rd party applications that support QuickTime.

Calibrated Software MP4-EX Import
Natively import XDCAM EX .MP4 files from JVCPro HD HM700/HM100 and Sony XDCAM EX cameras into Final Cut 7 & 6, Compressor, CatDV, QuickTime Player 7, and other applications.

DVE X is a set of 28 video transitions for use in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. In addition to the professional plug-ins, the package also includes 68 softwipe patterns and the FXPlug video filter 'CGM Crop'. As these are all 'native' effects and fully editable in Motion 5, you don't have to wait for the next software release to tap into the advantages of full customization. Your creativity will know no bounds!

CHV Electronics 3D Video
Expand a 2 dimensional image or video into the 3D space. An Add-On plugin package for QC Integration FX.

CHV Electronics FxPlug-Bundle 07-2014
This bundle includes all of the CHV FxPlug plugin collections! Save 35% with this bundle!

CHV Electronics Key Pro
Key Pro is a new AddOn plugin package for QC Integration FX. Key Pro includes 5 video filters to handle all tasks related to greenscreen and bluescreen keying, like keying, spill suppression, create a clean plate and adding ambient light spill to a keyed object.

CHV Electronics Magic 3D FX (FxPlug)
Magic 3D FX is dedicated to all those people who love to create wonderful 3D animations directly with Final Cut Studio.

CHV Electronics Morphing FX (FxPlug)
Morphing FX takes full advantage of the FxPlug plugin interface structure making it possible to morph and deform video faster and way more convenient than ever.

CHV Electronics Particles Heaven FX (FxPlug)
Particles Heaven is a revolutionary and completely new particle emitter system for Motion and Final Cut Pro (Motion projects can be used directly in the timeline of Final Cut Pro). Particles Heaven is not a set of templates for Motion's own particle system. Particles Heaven is in fact the first real FxPlug particle emitter plugin ever for Motion and Final Cut Pro. It is loaded with a huge set of controls, making it possible to create a vast amount of ever different looking effects. With Particles Heaven you can create any kind of particle effects you've ever dreamt of. Particles Heaven is the first ever cascadable FxPlug plugin. This feature makes it possible to produce trails and smoke, trigger explosions at any point of time of the life of a particle, create sparkles along the way and much more.

CHV Electronics QC Integration FX
The easiest way to create, modify and use any Quartz Composer composition directly as a video effect plugin for Final Cut Pro and Motion. QC Integration is not just another effect-plugin for Final Cut Pro and Motion. QC Integration is much more. This package is a new and easy to use platform to integrate any Quartz Composer composition as a plugin directly into Final Cut Pro and Motion. QC Integration already includes 52 Quartz Composer compositions, all fully usable as high quality visual effects plugins for Final Cut Pro and Motion. Each Quartz Composer composition shows up in Final Cut Pro and Motion as a Video Filter, Video Generator or Video Transition. With CHV's QC Integration package you can easily create new plugins (Quartz Composer compositions) for Final Cut Pro and Motion, modify existing ones and use any other Quartz Composer compositions you can find i.e. on the internet as a Final Cut Pro and Motion plugin.

CHV Electronics Repair FX (FxPlug)
Repair FX is the fist plugin package of a brand new series of plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This package is a 100% redevelopment of our popular Fx-Script plugin package "The Repair-collection". Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 are not able to run Fx-Script plugins like "The Repair-collection", which is the reason why this plugin package was completely redeveloped from the ground up for Final Cut Pro X. As an additional advantage of the redevelopment you are now even able to use these plugins with Motion 5.

CHV Electronics Shining FX (FxPlug)
Volumetric lights, shining and glowing images, ray burst effects, animated waves, prism and feedback effects... and way more. This set of plugins creates completely new high quality effects combined with CHV's new animation technology.

CHV Electronics Svengali Rays Pro
The realistic massive volumetric light spill title generator and video filter. An Add-On plugin package for QC Integration FX. The light that starts right at the source!

CHV Electronics Towers of Film 3D
Towers of Film 3D builds a virtual 3D city. While you have full control over the camera you can fly through and over the city like in a 3D game. Up to 10 different video clips can be mapped at the buildings in various ways. Free Download - see Highlights for download link.

CHV Text FX for FCPX and Motion 5 (FxPlug)
Text FX is the second plugin package of a brand new series of plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This package is a 100% redevelopment of our popular Fx-Script plugin package "The Text-collection" for Final Cut Pro 7.

CineFlare Cine Text
Yes, Cine Text is the first of many animated title packages coming from Cineflare. Add the look of professional, animated text titles to quickly add life to your text. Cine Text comes with 20 different custom-made animated titles for FCPX. Not only can you create quick titles, but each title comes with a quick-choose drop down menu so that you can easily choose one of six various screen positions.

CineFlare CineTransitions
Choose from a wide variety of unique transitions that range from before and after reveals, to exciting transition effects that can be used in music videos and creative productions. There’s something for everyone in this great package.

CineFlare Detailer
Detailer is a tool for Final Cut Pro X that allows you to add detail, texture, color variations, and specific looks to enhance the look and color of your footage. It highlights the popular “old film” or “hipster” look for a timeless harsh, film-like look and feel.

CineFlare Hand Held
Hand Held for FCP X mimics the popular hand-held camera look. Take clean, locked-down footage and add a subtle or intense hand-held effect, whip pan, lens focusing and zooms, and even bumps and jitters.

CineFlare Horizon Fixer for FCPX
We’ve all done it, right? You set up your shot to do a wide pan with your tripod, you line up the horizon nice and straight, but by the time you get to the end everything has changed and the horizon is crooked again! With Horizon Fixer you can quickly and easily set a start and end horizon line without ever having to set a single key frame.

CineFlare Kinetic Badges for Final Cut Pro X
Vector graphics library with optional animations.

CineFlare Kinetic Text Effects for FCP X
KineticText is our newest set of animated titles for Final Cut Pro X. All 58 effects included can be easily customized to fit the style of your own projects.

CineFlare Lens Whack
It’s called “Lens Whacking“. Over the years indie filmmakers came up with a way to make incredible optical lighting artifacts inside the camera by removing the lens while shooting, then hovering it over the sensor to allow light to come in, thus creating an on-the-fly dreamy light effect.

CineFlare Object Animator
This powerful tool allows you to quickly add animations to any element on your timeline by simply choosing an option from a drop-down menu!

CineFlare Pop Out
Pop Out is the perfect solution for creating a 3D environment for images, text, logos, screen shots, etc without having to round-trip your project to Motion or After Effects.

CineFlare White Balancer
Since the release of FCPX, there have been many complaints about the fact that they decided to get rid of the easy color picker tool to choose and set the white balance. Problem solved! With CineFlare’s White Balancer, you can utilize the Apple Color Picker to find your exact white balance color.

CoreMelt 44 Free
Some of the best plugins from the CoreMelt V2 range of products, now in one bundle, all for nix! You can download them by clicking on the Free Trial / Downloads Button on the right.

CoreMelt Editors Tools V2
54 Plugins for working cutters. Designed by an online editor and vfx artist with 10 years experience on broadcast TVC, Motion Graphics, Music Videos and Feature Films.

CoreMelt Everything Bundle (V2 Plugin Set + SliceX + TrackX + Lock & Load + Drive X + LUTx)
Over 220 plug-ins in the V2 Plugin Set, plus the full power of our TrackX and SliceX powered by mocha products plus the Lock and Load Stabilizer and DriveX. Get all the power you need for the most demanding projects. Plus receive LUTx for free.

CoreMelt ImageFlow FX V2
Streamline your workflow with this selection of GPU accelerated plugins that allow you to create photo montages instantly, no complex keyframing required!

CoreMelt Lock & Load / X
Lock & Load is the fastest and most robust stabilizer for FCP X, FCP 7, Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac Only).

CoreMelt Lock and Load + SliceX + TrackX
Get the power of three great products for FCP X: SliceX which gives you freeform trackable Shape Masks and TrackX to insert tracked graphics and text both using the Academy Award winning Mocha planar tracker plus Lock and Load stabilizer.

CoreMelt LUTx
Color Look Up Tables (LUTs) allow you to apply preset color grades by professional colorists easily on your own footage. CoreMelt LUTx is the most powerful LUT solution for Final Cut Pro X. Plus, get LUTx for free when you purchase the CoreMelt Everything Bundle.

CoreMelt Motion Graphics Box V2
60 Plugins for Motion Graphic Artists. Designed by a working VFX artist with 10 years experience on broadcast TVC, Motion Graphics, Music Videos and Feature Films to ensure you get the best, specialised plugins you need.

CoreMelt PolyChrome Transitions V2
A collection of 61 transition effects to enhance your creative possibilities in FCP editing. All transitions render in high precision color for 10 bit online workflows for those working with footage from the RED camera or or other high color precision sources.

CoreMelt SliceX + TrackX + DriveX Bundle
The SliceX / TrackX / DriveX bundle gives you three powerful tools for using Academy Award winning mocha tracking directly on the timeline in FCP X.

CoreMelt SliceX + TrackX Bundle powered by mocha for FCPX
The SliceX / TrackX powered by Mocha bundle gives you all the powerful freeform shape masking tools in SliceX and the ability to track layers and insert graphics with TrackX. Altogether its 11 powerful plugins that you can use to achieve many common tasks that would previously require extensive work in a compositing program like Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects.

CoreMelt SliceX Powered by mocha for FCPX
SliceX lets you create instant Shape Masks to cut out layers or isolate effects directly in Final Cut Pro X without having to go into Motion or create the masks with an external program. SliceX includes nine motion templates for common tasks and you can also use the Shape Masks with built in effects, the built in color corrector or with third party plugins. SliceX powered by mocha takes the pain out of following complex motion, just draw a shape and hit track. You can then adjust with manual keyframes as needed.

CoreMelt TrackX powered by mocha for FCPX
TrackX Powered by Mocha lets you track text or graphics to follow background motion directly in FCP X. Insert floating lower thirds tracked to people, replace screens or signs, all with one step and no need to use another compositing package.

CoreMelt V2 Plugin Set
From soft organic glows and blurs to advanced color correction tools and instant photo montages, CoreMelt Complete will save you hours of time on every project, no matter what type of editing or motion graphics work you do.

CoreMelt V2 Plugin Set + Lock and Load X Bundle
CoreMelt V2 Plugin Set- Over 200 GPU accelerated tools for Motion Artists and Editors who want more Grunt in their workflow! Lock and Load X- Rolling Shutter Reduction helps smooth out footage from CMOS cameras; one license lets you use it in FCP 7, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and FCP X.

CoreMelt V2 Plugin Set + SliceX + TrackX
Over 220 plugins in the V2 Plugin Set, plus the full power of our TrackX and SliceX powered by Mocha products.

CrumplePop AudioDenoise
AudioDenoise™ by CrumplePop is a plugin that automatically removes hiss and background noise from your audio – right inside Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

CrumplePop ColorKit for Final Cut Pro X
Just drag and drop a ColorKit grade preset onto your footage to see a quick and beautiful grade. Then if you like, use the extensive built-in controls to dial in the exact look you want.

CrumplePop EchoRemover
Whether your audio was recorded in a gymnasium or a hollow-sounding room, EchoRemover™ by CrumplePop is a plugin that removes echo from your audio – right inside Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

CrumplePop Finisher for Final Cut Pro X
Finisher makes it easy to dramatically improve the image quality of your footage. By simply dragging and dropping Finisher onto your clip, you can quickly and easily recover detail, apparent latitude, and vibrant skintones. Finisher works with Final Cut Pro X only.

CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro for FCP X
Fisheye Fixer for GoPro is a utility for correcting GoPro fisheye distortion in FCP X. Just drag and drop Fisheye Fixer onto your footage to refine the horizon lines on your clip. Then if you like, use the built-in controls to dial in the exact look you want.

CrumplePop Grain 16 Film Grain Textures and FCP X Plugin
Just drag and drop Grain16 onto your clips to add the beautiful texture of real photochemically processed film. Grain16 includes the signature grain of 5 different 16mm film stocks and is available at 1920×1080 and 4K HD resolution in ProRes 4444 format.

CrumplePop Grain35
Just drag and drop Grain35 v2.0 onto your clips to add the beautiful texture of real photochemically processed film. Grain35 v2.0 includes the signature grain of 11 different 35mm and 16mm film stocks and is available at 1920×1080 and 4K HD resolution in ProRes 4444 format.

CrumplePop HalfLight for Final Cut Pro X
HalfLight is a collection of optically-captured light leak transitions built specifically for FCP X. Just drag and drop HalfLight onto a clip to add beautiful, organic flash transitions to your footage. An extensive set of controls allows you to customize the color and opacity properties of each transition. HalfLight works with Final Cut Pro X only.

CrumplePop LightKit Suite for Final Cut Pro X
Bundle contains: Platinotype, ToneGrade, Paul Irmiter Series: Dacar, Noir Moderne, Lumineux.

CrumplePop Lumineux for Final Cut Pro 6, 7, X
Light leaks and transitions for Final Cut Pro. Works with Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and X. Includes 43 Light Styles and 14 transitions, drag and drop. Beautiful light leaks and transitions, Optically captured organic light textures, 100% analog source material.

CrumplePop Noir Moderne for Final Cut Pro X
Noir Moderne is a suite of dark, stylish effects for FCP X. Noir Moderne combines irregular pulses, strobes, and optically captured vignettes and venetian patterns. By simply dragging and dropping Noir Moderne onto the FCP timeline, you can create dramatic lighting effects that can be applied to many types of footage. Noir Moderne contains 19 effects, 3 transitions, and 1 royalty-free title font you can use in your projects.

CrumplePop OverLight for Final Cut Pro X
OverLight makes it easy to apply washed-out glows and lens flares to your footage. Simply drag OverLight onto your clip to add a subtle, organic light texture that is impossible to create digitally. Extensive opacity and color controls allow you to customize each overlay. OverLight works with Final Cut Pro X only.

CrumplePop Paul Irmiter Series Dacar for Final Cut Pro 6, 7, X
Paul Irmiter Series Dacar is a 2.5GB collection of light leaks and lens flares created with a 1953 Dacora Dacar lens. By simply dragging and dropping right inside of FCP, you can add subtle layers of depth to many types of footage. For Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and X.

CrumplePop Platinotype for Final Cut Pro X
Platinotype makes it easy to apply a platinum photographic process to your footage. By simply dragging and dropping Platinotype onto your clip, you can create rich, textured portraits and landscapes very quickly. Platinotype works with Final Cut Pro X only.

CrumplePop ShrinkRay for Final Cut Pro X
ShrinkRay X for FCP X is a fast and easy way to make big things look tiny. Built from the ground-up for FCP X, ShrinkRay X includes simple onscreen controls and a full suite of focal area adjustment tools. Add ShrinkRay X to any project by simply dragging and dropping inside FCP X.

CrumplePop SkinTone for FCPX
Whether you forgot to white balance or had to wrestle with mixed lighting, SkinTone makes it easy to fix the shot. SkinTone gives you the same powerful Temperature and Tint controls found in photo editing applications – right inside FCP X.

CrumplePop SplitScreen X
SplitScreen X is a fast and powerful way to create split screens in Final Cut Pro X. Add a split screen to any project by simply dragging and dropping.

CrumplePop ToneGrade for Final Cut Pro X
By simply dragging and dropping ToneGrade onto your clip, you can create a subtle, “hyper-real” color grade that can be visually striking. ToneGrade™ works with Final Cut Pro X only.

CrumplePop Tool Plugins Suite
Tool Plugins Suite includes SplitScreen X, SkinTone, Finisher and SquidFX Transimatic.

CrumplePop ToolKit Suite for Final Cut Pro X
Bundle Contains: CrumplePop ShrinkRay X, CrumplePop SplitScreen X, CrumplePop Finisher, and CrumplePop Fisheye Fixer for GoPro®.

Dashwood 360VR Toolbox
360 degree VR headset monitoring while editing, and a full-featured plugin suite for Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Dashwood Editor Essentials
Dashwood Editor Essentials is a set of utility plugins that can repair footage or do tasks that would normally require a lot of time and effort. It can make all the difference in delivering your edit on time.

Dashwood Secret Identity
Secret Identity is a filter that automatically tracks and obscures facial features with blur, pixellation, solid colour or custom images.

Dashwood Smooth Skin
Need to smooth some freckles, hide some mild acne, or maybe give a pale face a tan? The Smooth Skin plugin can automatically track and only affect faces in a scene without any keyframing or interruption to your background!

Dashwood Stereo3D Toolbox
Use Stereo3D Toolbox version 4 with Final Cut Pro X via unique and intuitive on-screen controls. The primary analysis modes provide standard viewing options as well as exclusive display modes previously only available in the award-winning Stereo3D CAT. The new on-screen controls are also compatible with After Effects CS6 and Motion.

Dashwood Stereo3D Toolbox LE
Stereo3D Toolbox™ Lite Edition provides the basic stereoscopic 3D post-production tools necessary to optimize your stereoscopically acquired footage. A single $99 license for Stereo3D Toolbox LE will activate the plugin filter for use in Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express & Motion. Professional stereoscopic post-tools for the Mac have never been this affordable!

Digieffects Damage
Spread destruction with Damage, the industry standard for bad video effects, including Artifact, Blockade, Destabilize, Interference, Overexpose, Skew, Wave Displace, Channel Offset and Aged Film.

Digieffects Delirium
Digieffects' Delirium v2 Special Effects Plug-ins Package provides you with a complete visual effects and motion graphics package, allowing you to create a wide variety of animated imagery with minimum setup time required. With 45 different effects under 5 different categories, including Nature, Color & Style Filters, Patterns & Distortion, Lighting & Glow, and Compositing, you can also jumpstart your creativity with over 100 presets, project files, and sample media. The need for complex 3D programs to create realistic images is eliminated with Delirium's particle effects, which support built-in turbulence processing.

Digieffects DIGISUITE (Damage, Phenomena, Tweak and Aura)
Add all 41 effects to your toolkit with each of our powerful suites: Damage, Phenomena, Aura, and Tweak.

Digieffects Presto
Used with your favorite editing platform, Presto imports a timeline with footage of the presenter and matches it to the original presentation slides. Presto takes care of the tedious production work: tracking the presenter’s movements, switching slides at the right time, instantly rearranging the layout. The result is a professionally designed video that lets you share a presentation as soon it’s ended.

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