Adobe Flash Builder Standard v4.5

Adobe Flash Builder Standard
Adobe Flash Builder 4 (formerly Adobe Flex Builder) software is a professional-grade development tool for rapidly building cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open source Flex framework.

In Depth Rapidly develop applications Take advantage of a powerful Eclipse based IDE that accelerates development with Flex and the ActionScript language and includes code hinting, syntax coloring, interactive debugging, refactoring, a new Data/Services browser, and drag-and-drop data binding. Integrate with existing infrastructure Integrate easily with existing infrastructure, including SOAP, REST, Java/Spring, PHP, and Adobe ColdFusion. Introspect services and then use a simple, drag-and-drop approach to bind specific methods to UI components in your application. Import functional UI from Flash Catalyst Leveraging the Flex framework, create functional application UI in Adobe Flash Catalyst that can be imported into Flash Builder, where developers can bind services to Flex components and build out application logic.

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