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Video editing. Visual effects. Compositing. No compromises.

HitFilm 3 Pro gives you everything you need to be editor, VFX artist and colorist, merging a non-linear editor with advanced 3D compositing and over 180 effects, plus mocha tracking from Imagineer and 130 plugins for your other video software.

In Depth


A smarter timeline

Music videos, short films, documentaries, commercials, features.  This is where they get made.  Craft your projects in a fast, non-linear editor with efficient media organization, an intuitive trimmer, easily accessible tools and unique, integrated 3D compositing.


Be your own studio

21st century filmmaking requires you to be an editor, VFX artist and colorist at the same time. HitFilm 3 Pro gives you a head start, merging professional 3D compositing and over 180 effects with its editing tools.

Switching between your edit and visual effects shots is as quick as changing tabs in your web browser. Shoot with your smartphone or on a 4K professional camera. Everything is where you need it, when you need it.

Perfect shots, every time

We all know that filming doesn't always go to plan. The weather or season changes; different cameras produce entirely different looks; hand-held shots come out looking too unstable. HitFilm 3 Pro fixes all that.

Repair broken footage

Remove unwanted digital grain from your videos, fix jello-vision caused by rolling shutter cameras, stabilize jittery handheld shots and remove distortion from fisheye lenses.

broken footage

Correct your colors

Instantly match footage shot on different cameras, fix white balance issues and adjust for changes in lighting. HitFilm 3 Pro gives you fine control over your visuals, ensuring your footage looks its best.

Take it further

HitFilm 3 Pro isn't just an editor. It's also a powerful compositor with an arsenal of visual effects which can be used to tweak and alter your original footage. Remove unwanted signs, replace an overcast sky with a beautiful sunset, apply digital make-up to your actors…there are no limits.

Look spectacular

HitFilm 3 Pro's professional color grading kit is packed with over 30 tools designed to make your movies look incredible, from subtle enhancements to dramatic stylistic statements.

Cine Style & Vibrance

Instantly give your videos a cinematic, Hollywood look with automatic s-curve enhancements and palette shifting towards complementary colors. Even soft footage looks great once the Vibrance effect has picked out the details.

Color wheels & Curves

Design your own look and style with highly customizable tools including color wheels and curves, providing precise control over color channels, highlights, midtones and shadows.

color wheels

Precise beauty

You can even grade specific areas of the frame, such as brightening an actor's eyes, using auto-tracking masks. HitFilm 3 Pro's 16-bit color pipeline and OpenEXR support ensures the best possible quality for your projects.


Less waiting, more creating

HitFilm is designed for speed. On fast machines you enjoy real time playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU-acceleration, even when jumping between your edit and visual effects shots. More complex shots get proxied in the background while you keep working.

A high end desktop will make HitFilm fly but mainstream notebooks and family computers are just fine. You don't need a supercomputer to be a filmmaker.

3D Compositing

Better than reality

Think bigger than the real world. Create entirely digital scenes and redesign your shots using advanced 3D compositing techniques.  It's about making the impossible, possible.

Live 3D model rendering

Light, animate and render 3D objects on your timeline. Super fast GPU rendering keeps your productivity high, even while jumping between your edit and complex 3D scenes.

Beautiful models

HitFilm 3 Pro imports OBJ, LWO and 3DS formats, with more to come. Create your own models or download and start animating your scenes, complete with ambient occlusion, environment maps and up to 32x MSAA for fine edge fidelity.

Real enough to touch

3D objects work with HitFilm 3 Pro's cameras, featuring depth of field, motion blur, multiple light types, full self-shadowing and shadow casting onto other layers.

Unified 3D space

HitFilm 3 Pro operates in true 3D. True 3D means that your layers exist in a unified physical space. Push a 3D object through a genuinely 3D particle cloud. Sit your greenscreen actor inside the cockpit of a 3D helicopter.  No tricks. No wrestling with the render order. It just works.

Professional particle simulation

Particles are everywhere. You'll find them in air and in water. They fall as snow and rain and rise as smoke and dust. They blast out from explosions and combine to form galaxies.


3D particle textures

Take a simulator capable of generating hundreds of thousands particles, then combine it with live 3D model rendering. That's HitFilm 3 Pro.  Fleets of ships, sprawling cityscapes, flocks of birds, asteroid fields, a hail of arrows, a squadron of fighter jets. Are you thinking of the possibilities yet?

Driven by physics

Turn up the gravity, push particles around with attractors and detractors, apply turbulence, then set up multiple collision deflectors and adjust mass, bounce and friction to simulate your 3D scene.

Change everything

Dive into the simulator to discover mobile emitters, multiple particle systems, lifetime graphs, extensive random variation modifiers and complete appearance customization.  HitFilm 3 Pro's particle simulator is production-ready.

Tracking for every situation

HitFilm 3 Pro's multiple tracking options keeps your camera moving even when there are complex digital elements in the shot.

Academy Award winning planar tracking

A special version of mocha 4.0 is included with HitFilm 3 Pro, delivering industry-ready mask tracking and 3D camera solving. No more tedious rotoscoping.

Feature tracking

Rapid optical flow techniques track moving features through your shots. Fast, accurate tracks for essential 2D work.

Camera tracking

You can bring in camera data from Boujou, SynthEyes or PFTrack, complete with point clouds, for total control over your 3D camera moves.

Visual Effects

The premium collection

Play with over 180 effects, each of which can be pulled apart, altered and put back together again to create something entirely new.  HitFilm 3 Pro is a toolkit for constructing your ideas.

Organic particle shapes

Create awe-inspiring particle clouds based on 2D shapes or 3D geometry, then warp them into organic forms with extensive fractal distortion. You can even mix in an audio clip to automate the animation.

Atomize your 3D models

Atomic particles are used to create incredible motion graphics animation. In HitFilm 3 Pro the effect can be applied directly to 3D models, creating an array of particles arranged according to the model's 3D geometry.  You can still use all of atomic's features, such as audio-driven animation, fractal dispersion and layer maps, progressively exploding your models from one end to the other.

Professional greenscreen removal

Advanced chroma key, matte cleaning, spill suppression and auto light wrap combine with sophisticated 2D and 3D layering to create greenscreen composites so realistic your audience will never even know.

free screen removal

Create and destroy

There's nothing predefined in HitFilm 3 Pro. Everything can be adapted to suit your project. It's a toolkit which demands experimentation, whether you're shattering layers into thousands of pieces or fine tuning the raindrops on a pane of glass.

Fire and lightning

Procedurally generated fire and lightning with accurate behavior and appearance can be further enhanced with heat distortion and post-processed lighting effects.

An infinity of weapons

Your movie has guns. Lots of guns. But your weapons aren't real. That's when you turn to HitFilm 3 Pro for an endless variety of muzzle flashes, from pistols to miniguns. Unlike pre-rendered stock gunfire, these can be rotated in full 3D to work from any angle.

More than just a lens flare

HitFilm 3 Pro includes a kit for designing striking lighting and lens effects which are unique to your projects. Mix and adjust flares, anamorphic streaks, light leaks, sparkling highlights, volumetric 3D light rays and high quality glows to enhance your cinematography.

Retro glitch

Sometimes you need to destroy something beautiful. HitFilm 3 Pro's grunge effects make your video look like old film stock, or a bad television signal. Break up your playback with jitters and stutters, introduce flicker and grain or even add procedural dirt to your camera lens. Not everything has to be perfect.

Motion design & titling

Creating your opening titles in HitFilm 3 Pro ensures that you'll hook your audience right from the start. From titling to animated idents and promos, HitFilm 3 Pro's motion graphics tools will get the job done.

3D camera projection

Take an ordinary 2D photo and convert it to a projected, photoreal 3D scene complete with camera movement.

Procedural textures

Blend gradients, fractal patterns and particle effects to generate dynamic textures for your animations. Create 3D extruded shapes and deform them with surface parallax.


Once you've designed your titles and animations you can store them as templates which you can re-use or share. Swapping key assets is as simple as dragging the new clip onto the old clip.

Plugins and Technology

130 plugins for your NLE

If you already have a favorite editor, we're cool with that. HitFilm 3 Pro includes 130 premium plugins for popular editors and compositors.  The plugins install to all supported platforms at no extra cost - you don't need to buy separate versions.  No matter the project, HitFilm technology is there to help.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Transform Premiere Pro from an editor into a capable visual effects tool, with fast, GPU accelerated performance. The plugins also expand After Effects' capabilities with premium HitFilm effects.

Final Cut Pro X & Motion
Enhance FCPX and Motion on your Mac with the HitFilm plugins, delivering premium effects to all Apple filmmakers.

Sony Vegas Pro
Vegas users enjoy enhanced interaction with HitFilm 3 Pro. As well as 130 HitFilm plugins, Vegas also live renders HitFilm 3 Pro project files on its timeline. You can even send a clip from your Vegas project directly into HitFilm 3 Pro.

Easy object removal

Project a clean reference frame onto simple 3D planes and you can remove actors and objects from shots, even with a moving camera.

Total effect enhancement

Camera projection also enhances HitFilm’s other effects. Classic effects such as pond ripples and the new rain on glass can now be applied realistically to any angled surface.

Unified 3D space

The 3D workspace has been reworked to provide more consistency and flexibility across all 3D layers. 3D objects, the particle simulator and the gunfire effect can now exist either in their own isolated 3D space or in the unified 3D space.

What does that mean practically? It means you can put your greenscreened actor right inside the cockpit of a 3D helicopter and you can move a 3D object through a particle cloud. No need to use awkward compositing tricks – it just works.

Alternatively, switch your 3D layers to their own isolated space and you get access to effects and masks, plus a performance boost. Add glows to particle sparks and blurs to muzzle flashes without needing to create embedded composite shots.

hitfilm 3 editor

A new trimmer has been added for editors, making it much easier to preview and trim clips before adding them to your editor sequence. It’s a flow that will feel instantly familiar if you’re coming from another NLE.

Other changes add up to a slicker and more efficient experience. You can now loop play a defined region. Assets can be dropped straight onto the Viewer. Clips can be instantly sliced at the playhead’s position by pressing a key. Timeline thumbnails are now (optionally!) larger and you have a choice of multiple waveform types.

If you’ve only ever used HitFilm as a compositor, now’s the time to try out the NLE features. And if you’re new to filmmaking, there’s no better way to get started, with a product that grows with your skills.


What's new in Mac v.3.0.670 & Windows 3.0.3813?

New features

  • New effect: Pulp Scifi Title Crawl
  • Plugins now available in DaVinci Resolve
  • New plugins added for 3rd party hosts: color vibrance, heat distortion, LUT (Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Vegas only), projector (After Effects only), vignette exposure


  • Reenabled tabbing between properties in the Controls panel
  • Insert & Overlay buttons in Trimmer now automatically move the playhead to the end of the new clip
  • Trimmer timecodes are now consistent with the Viewer (change between time and frame count with the right click menu)
  • Tooltips show the In and Out points when hovering over the Trimmer play bar
  • Proxy disk management is now optional
  • The last diffuse or specular image chosen in the 3D model import dialog is now remembered


Click here to view all the fixes

What's new in Mac v3.0.633 & Windows v3.0.3716?


  • New Deinterlace effect
  • New LUT effect
  • New Vignette Exposure effect


  • The diffuse and specular textures for 3D model materials can be saved as absolute or relative paths according to user preference
  • The diffuse and specular textures for 3D model materials are now shown in the relink dialog if they were not found at their previous location
  • Updated styling of the File and Workspaces menus on Windows
  • Improved the loading performance of the plugins in Final Cut and Motion


  • Fixed crash when importing lots of QuickTime movies in Windows version
  • Fixed some TGA images being displayed upside down
  • Can now import indexedcolor PNG image sequences
  • Pressing escape now always cancels dialogs
  • Fixed various issues where keyboard shortcuts would not trigger when floating panels
  • Fixed issue where it wasn’t possible to type in a text layer
  • Fixed issue where the Viewer’s current time did not update
  • Fixed issue where the Viewer’s duration was not correct after resizing a layer
  • Fixed various cases where the software could quit unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue where control panel angle properties did not snap to 45 degrees
  • Fixed issue where layer pickers were not refreshed after an undo
  • Fixed issue where the control panel could not be scrolled in come cases
  • Fixed issue where zooming in and out was not working in the trimmer panel. It now works with trackpad and magic mouse
  • Fixed possible crash when returning to the HitFilm application and interacting with an effect
  • Audio waveforms are generated on the Editor timeline for all proxied composite shots
  • Fixed issue where particles disappeared from view unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue with rendering masks on 3D effect and 3D model layers with 2D dimensions when adjusting the camera
  • Fixed effects so that they don’t incorrectly invalidate the proxy
  • Fixed Denoise effect to preserve masked regions of the image
  • Fixed a 16bit rendering issue with 3D models and particles in a unified space
  • Various OFX plugin fixes inside of HitFilm
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using the properties dialog of audio only media
  • Enabled 3D masking using deflectors and forces on a particle simulator 3D effect layer with 2D or 3D dimensions
  • Frame thumbnails for clips on video tracks now refresh after relinking assets
  • Fixed rendering issue with billboarded layers in nonactive camera views
  • Fixed depth sorting of the Atomic Particles effect
  • Various UI fixes
  • Various styling fixes

Whats new in Mac v3.0.576 & Win v3.0.3608?


  • Major performance improvements to atomic particles, especially on NVIDIA hardware
  • Property values now accurate to 3 decimal places
  • Holding shift on launch disables loading of OpenFX plugins


  • Improved render caching when using light layers
  • Issue when switching to perspective view after proxying
  • Viewer rendering unnecessarily in some cases
  • Improvements to proxy loading and invalidation
  • Issue when immediately cancelling a proxy
  • Timeline updates correctly when keyframing is activated in the Controls panel
  • Looped playback now works in all cases in Trimmer & Viewer panels
  • Transitions removed correctly when deleting Media on the Editor timeline
  • Dragging 2D effects between layers updates layer pickers
  • Resetting 2D effects now resets all properties
  • Atomic Particles position shift was ignoring 3D model rotation
  • Subframe keyframe modifications
  • Improved Wireframe rendering consistency
  • Custom shortcuts now work without restarting
  • Color controls now displays more increments
  • Demo export image colors fixed
  • YouTube upload aspect ratio changed to 16:9 for standard definition
  • Control panel values being cut off inside some properties
  • Cine Style moved from Stylize to Color Grading category
  • Quicktime warning respects user options
  • GPU warning no longer shown multiple times in certain cases
  • Most panels can now be made smaller
  • Various media replacement fixes
  • Various fixes to project loading
  • Various styling fixes