GenArts Monsters GT VFX Mini Packs v7.0

GenArts Monsters GT VFX Mini Packs
Choose from 11 Mini-Packs from the GenArts Monsters GT Package

Get the effects you need to make your work stand out with convenient new Monsters GT mini-packs. Choose from 11 themed sets to imitate a wide variety of distinctive effects, from spoiled film and security camera footage to painted masterpieces and abstract tiles. Each set includes 2-5 effects to help you achieve your creative vision quickly and cost-effectively. Buy one set for $99 or sample all the mini-packs with a free 3-week trial of the full set to see how you can make your project extraordinary with Monsters GT visual effects.



Abstract 3 Effects - Stylistically apply a screen of dots, letters and words, or a pattern of colored tiles.


Film Kit

Adjust 3 Effects - Create spoiled film effects caused by light leaks or melted film from faulty projectors.



Textures 2 Effects - Create unique tiled or seamlessly quilted images from multiple input clips.



AdjustClean up your footage by adjusting the lighting and removing small imperfections.


Paint FX

Paint 3 Effects - Create a variety of painted looks, from broad brushed to delicate detailed strokes.



Trailz 5 Effects - Track motion and create ghosted trails of an image or brush along a specified path.



fluidz 3 Effects - Dissolve images into fluids or direct fluids through channels and around obstructions.


Night Looks

Night looks 3 Effects - Imitate the effects of infrared light, thermal imaging, or night vision goggles.


Pixel Trip

Pixel Trip 3 Effects - Disintegrate your footage into fluid, individual pixels, or shaped tiles.


TV Effects

tv effects 2 Effects - Replicate a wall of television sets or a television display of security cameras.