Muse Creative Diffusion - Designer Shaders for Vray4C4D v2.1

Muse Creative Diffusion - Designer Shaders for Vray4C4D
Collection of high quality, designer shaders for Vray in Cinema 4D

DIFFUSION is a collection of high quality, seamless textures for VRay in Cinema 4D. With high attention to detail, these 4K textures are production ready and promise to elevate and enhance your renders. Now 100% DR-Ready.



muse creative diffusion

,use shader detail

Whose smart idea was this?

This premier texture pack is made possible by myself and Yunal Zobu (Total C4D lover, who has been tweaking sliders and checking boxes for about 5 years now). With strict quality control and pushing to deliver a better product, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best.

muse creative diffusion

Textures for the future

Given the exponential growth in technology, we’ve designed all the bitmap textures at a staggering, seamless 4k resolution [4096px X 4096px] to ensure even the smallest details come out perfectly in every render.

muse creative diffusion

All 160 shaders have been carefully crafted to ensure that they are fully DR (Distributed Rendering) Ready.  This means that every shader will render exactly the same through Distributed Rendering as it will on a standalone scene. We’ve thoroughly tested each shader ensuring the finest detail and that your renders will shine every time.

We have 20 brand new highly detailed shaders packed into this update which I know you’re just going to love: Check these out:

new muse shaders


The new Fabric previews in the Content Browser show off their details in a much better light and will make selecting your fabrics much easier.

muse fabrics

In our effort to convert the remaining shaders to DR ready shaders, we took the opportunity to not just convert them, but to improve them. Not only are the following shaders now DR ready but you’ll notice significant improvements on attention to detail and overall performance.