GenArts Sapphire FxPlug / FCP v7.0 (Mac)

GenArts Sapphire FxPlug / FCP
Sapphire for Final Cut Pro increases your creative options, inspires new looks, and improves production quality

Sapphire is also platform-agnostic and work can be moved easily across artist, studio, or systems, like After Effects, preserving quality and saving valuable time and money. With the wide and deep selection of visual effects and the ease of Sapphire's drag and drop transitions, you can effortlessly blend and mix visual effects to create stunning accents to images and text. Plus, Sapphire visual effect plug-ins for Final Cut Pro also work inside of Apple Motion.


The ease of use with Sapphire for Final Cut Pro and its high-performing images, fast rendering speed, and effect-driven transitions produce engaging looks and make your videos more impactful and effective.


  • Over 240 effects
  • Resolution-independent
  • GPU-accelerated for Nvidia CUDA cards
  • Multiprocessor support
  • Full floating point internal processing
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offline HTML and PDF documentation included
  • Full FXPlug support for video transitions
  • Choose from a varied selection of over 40 different drag and drop transitions including SwishPan, DissolveDefocus, and WipeBubble
  • Stylize and color-correct your footage with a selection of effects including FilmEffect, HalfTone, Vignette, BleachBypass, and Cartoon
  • Create unique natural and organic lighting using rays, lens flare, glare, glint, and glow effects


What's New in Sapphire v7

New effects and transitions in Sapphire 7

  • Beauty | A new effect that leverages the new EdgeAware technology to beautify talking heads by softening and color correcting skin tones.
  • EdgeAwareBlur | Powered by our new EdgeAware technology, this effect allows you to blur while preserving detail.
  • Advanced Sharpen | The Sharpen tool has been updated with the ability to sharpen features of different amounts and sizes for increased flexibility and control.
  • LensFlare | Now enhanced with faster rendering, animation options, atmospheric noise, and presets to duplicate popular real-world lenses.
  • Zap | Updated to include 3D rotation and the option to follow a path, giving you the option to control the shape it takes.
  • MotionBlur | Has been added to many effects, giving them a more realistic look.
  • New Transitions | FilmRoll and CardFlip are two new dynamic transitions with multiple controls to diversify the output. FlutterCut has been enhanced with more options including new controls and color options.
  • PanAndZoom (Avid only) | A new tool that allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate large image files. It also has stylistic options to add drop shadow, vignette, and MotionBlur.

Other Enhancements

  • Faster | Added GPU support for more plug-ins and an optimized GPU code to provide up to a 20% speed increase per effect
  • More presets | Over 2,500 presets
  • Preset sharing | Now you can share presets across host platforms
  • Real time rendering (Avid only) | Many effects now have real time rendering