Boris RED v5.6 (Mac) v5.5.3 (Win)

Boris RED
Transitions, Professional Text, and Advanced Composites

Boris RED is the only integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to deliver unparalleled performance


4K Titling with Boris RED

Senior Product Manager Dirk de Jong shows you the power and sharpness of RED’s resolution independent titling.

BCC + RED + Media Composer “Favorites” Bin

Learn how to incorporate the Media Composer “Favorites” bin into your BCC and RED workflows.

Boris Red Advanced Text Fill Options

Originally posted by BorisFX, this tutorial for Boris RED is "based on an inquiry regarding gradient on text in the Avid forum. Senior Product Manager, Dirk deJong, shows you how to add gradient with bevel and 3D looks across entire words using a texture track."

Boris RED & EDIUS 7 (v3)

Learn how to create a corner pin using Boris RED in Grass Valley Edius Pro.

Import and Manipulate Subtitles with Boris RED

Boris RED user Douglas Bruce of Kumamoto, JP, shows you how to import and manipulate subtitles with Boris RED.