GPU-Tech RTSquare v1.3 (Win)


RTSquare by GPUTech is a rendering plug-in for 3DStudio MAX versions 6,7,8 Autodesk VIZ 2005+, or Maya.

It's GPU based and so it operates much faster than the default renderer that ships with 3dsMax. It includes features such as soft shadows, reflections, refractions, global illumination, caustics, depth of field, fog, lens flare, etc.
To install it, run the exe, and direct it to your 3dsMax directory. Upon running it for the first time you are given a request code, which you then submit via an online form to get the authorization code, pretty much the same way you activate Max itself. Upon selecting RTSquare as your renderer, you are then presented with an interface as in the attached illustration. In this Version of RTSquare you will find area lights, blurry reflections, render elements and a lot of other new features... to render even greater looking images in the shortest of times. With this you will be able to make high quality videos in incredible speeds. We hope to have many of you as enthousiastic as we are about this new version!
  • Antialiasing - Allows you to choose the quality of the antialiasing in the finished render.
  • Shadows - Allows you to add or remove the shadow option, and includes several options to adjust the quality and appearance of shadows.
  • Reflections/Refractions - A similar option to include or exclude reflections and refraction of light.
  • Global Illumination - Allows you to include global illumination, and adjust the level and brightness of the radiosity.
  • Caustics - Allows you to include caustic effects, and includes several options to adjust their quality.
  • Skylight Rendering Options - Includes the option to add a sky dome, and to adjust its brightness, scale, etc.
  • Environment Rendering Options - Enables you to compute a background environment for your render.
  • Fog Rendering Options - Enables you to add fog, and includes several options to adjust its density, color, and other attributes.
  • Depth of Field Rendering Options - Enables you to compute a depth of field effect, and includes options to adjust its quality, blur intensity, far depth, and near depth.
  • Motion Blur -Enables you to include a motion blur effect and adjust its quality.
  • Cartoon Rendering - Enables you to have a cartoon effect, and includes options to adjust outline width and gradient quality.
  • Lens Flare Rendering Options - Enables you to include a lense flare effect, and has several options to adjust its quality.
  • Light Cone - Allows you to create a light cone for spotlights. It includes options to adjust its quality, as well as the density and noise scale of dust within the cone.
Techical Aspects
The plugin requires DirectX 9 to function, so if your 3dsmax is not set for directX you will have to change the settings before you can use the plugin.
It also calculates radiosity solutions much faster and the adjustable options allow for much more flexibility and variety in the finished render.
Here is one of the test-renders with the "still-life" scene that ships with 3dsmax. The top image is the default renderer, and the bottom image is RTSquare (the slight distortion of the shapes in the bottom picture was done by my image editing software and not the renderer).
The lights, etc are the same, but the settings in RTSquare allow you to get a varied look without changing the setup of the scene.
There are a couple of minor issues, however. One of them is that the renderer seems to have trouble with very large high-poly scenes. This issue is currently being looked into by GPU-Tech and will be addressed in a future release.
The other issue, is that the textures for the scene must be stored in 3dsMax's default Maps directory for RTSquare to find them.
As of the time of this writing, GPU-Tech has just released version 1.3 in which global illumination, area lights, and render elements have been improved.
Taking everything, both advantages and disadvantages, into account, this plugin is definitely well worth the price. Its improved render options and much faster render speed make it an essential addition to the toolbox of any serious 3dsMax user.
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