Trapcode Particular by Red Giant v2.2.5

Trapcode Particular
Amazing 3D particles with full camera and light support
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Trapcode Particular is the industry standard for particle system creation in Adobe After Effects. It’s realistic shading allows spotlights to illuminate particles and logos as they move through 3D space. Give particles depth with Trapcode Particular’s full 3D rotation and use it’s expanded physics controls to generate more support for air resistance and turbulence. Trapcode Particular will take your visual creations to another dimension.


Re-creating the Lost Smoke Monster

In this Episode of Red Giant TV, Filmmaker/Motion Graphics artist Seth Worley will show you how to re-create the look of the Lost Smoke monster. Covered: Compositing, Masking, 3D tracking, Color Correction and some really cool Trapcode Particular techniques.

Aurora Effect with Adobe After Effects and Trapcode Particular

Learn how to create an aurora effect using Trapcode Particular in AE.

In Depth: What in the Heck is Bokeh?

Bokeh is a type of defocus or lens blur where the blur takes on the shape of the lens diaphram. We explain how to pronounce the word, how it is created, and show lots of cool examples. Also, a few plug-ins to create a bokeh in post-production.

Create Water with Trapcode Particular

Dino Muhic creates a beautiful fluid looking water effect, inspired by a Beck’s commercial in Germany. Dino used a lime from Video Copilot 3D Model Pack - Fresh Food.

First, he builds it from scratch and then explains how to composite it. He also created a preparation video to show how the water looks on its own.

Sparkler for Trapcode Particular with Motion Sketch Tutorial

Sticking with our July 4th Independence Day theme, check out this free preset from Greyscalegorilla’s Nick Campbell.

Character Animation in After Effects Using FreeForm Pro and Particular

Dan Gies describes how he created and animated his Rocket-Dees character using uses Mettle FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular, After Effects Expressions, and the After Effects Puppet Tool.

Paint Drips with Trapcode Particular + Free Preset

In this QuickTip, Harry Frank shows you how to create a spray paint effect with paint drips.

Create a Valentine’s Day Themed Animation in Cinema 4D & After Effects

Post by Stefan Surmabojov at CGtuts+ :  “In this tutorial we are going to create a Valentine’s Day themed animation in Cinema 4D and After Effects.... Use particles and forces in Cinema 4D, as well as MoDynamics and Effectors to put everything together to create our final animation. Finally we’ll add materials, light and render the scene before finishing it up in After Effects with some compositing and post effects."

Web Line Escape: Spider-Man Web-Slinging Effect

In this episode of Red Giant TV, director Seth Worley shows you how to create a Spider-Man Web Slinging Effect with Trapcode Particular.

Whats New in Trapcode Particular 2.2: In Depth Features by Harry Frank

Check out these excellent in-depth tutorials with Trapcode Particular 2, which received a big update last week with several new features.

How to use Trapcode Particular’s Z-buffer to Allow Particles to Move Around 3D Objects

In this QuickTip, Harry Frank shows you how to use Trapcode Particular's Z-buffer to allow particles to move around 3D objects - such as those generated in AE with VideoCopilot's Element or Maxon's C4D (and other 3D apps). 

Tempo: Up in Flames - Realistic & Slow-Motion Fire Effects

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz walks you through the workflow used to create realistic fire for the film Tempo. He’ll be using a combination of real fire footage, Trapcode Particular, and some 3rd Party plug-ins from RE:Vision Effects.

Red Giant Quick Tip #67: Realistic Dust Hits

In this tutorial, John Einselen shows you how to create realistic dust hits with Trapcode Particular. He also covers some very advanced compositing techniques for 3D animators working with Particular.

Create Full 3d Reflections With Falloff Using Form or Particular

Jorrit Schulte at AE Tuts+ shows how to make some lovely full 3D reflections with falloff on a table with Trapcode Form or Particular. Create Full 3d Reflections With Falloff Using Form or Particular

Creating Realistic Dust Hits with Trapcode Particular

Post at Red Giant TV: "In this tutorial, John Einselen shows you how to create realistic dust hits with Trapcode Particular. He also covers some very advanced compositing techniques for 3D animators working with Particular."

After Effects to Cinema 4d Tutorial by Tim Clapham / Luxx Part 1

Post at Luxx: "From Tim Clapham: In this third tutorial in the series, Tim takes us through the process of transferring your After Effects information over to CINEMA 4D. Using The Foundry Camera Tracker, you will track and solve some footage, resulting in an After Effects camera and reference nulls being created. This camera and null information will be exported from After Effects into CINEMA 4D and used to build some basic proxy geometry for catching shadows and reflecting the environment. This is then output using CINEMA 4D’s multipass rendering and composited back over the original footage in After Effects."

Taking you step by step through the process, the tutorial starts by covering the basic principles of working with multipass rendering and exporting 3D information from your Cinema4D scene over to your After Effects projects.

Uses Trapcode Particular, Video Copilot Optical Flares, and The Foundry CameraTracker for After Effects.

Tutorial: Variations on the Organic Lines Preset in Trapcode Particular

Red Giant QuickTip 62: Variations on the Organic Lines Preset (Trapcode Particular) by Harry Frank. "In this Red Giant QuickTip, Harry Frank takes you on a Back-to-Basics study on the Organic Lines preset in Trapcode Particular: how it works and how to create some variations of it."

Growing 3D Vines

Create Vines in only After Effects

3D Set Extensions with Trapcode Particular and The Foundry CameraTracker

Create a 3D set extension with fog using Stock Footage. Use Camera Tracker to matchmove inside of AE.

Dynamic Machine Gun with Video Copilot Action Essentials II & Trapcode Particular

Create a machine gun with dynamic ricochets types. Use Expressions to emit unique particles on each surface. Uses Video Copilot Action Essentials II & Trapcode Particular

Cosmodius - Creating a Retro Sci-fi Logo Animation

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz walks you through the process of creating a Retro Sci-Fi logo. In addition to creating the logo, he'll show you how to age the video to make it look like it came out of the early 80's.

Let it Flow: An In-depth Look at the Grid Emitter in Trapcode Particular

Post by Harry Frank at Red Giant: "Trapcode Particlar and Form are very similar in many ways. Sometimes, you might even want the organic look of Form with the 3D position control of Particular. We'll discuss how to get detailed control over particle grids to create something organic."

Creating a Christmas Tree with Trapcode Particular

Via Red Giant TV: In this episode of Red Giant TV, Michael Park returns to us with a fantastic tutorial on creating a Christmas tree (complete with lights and star at the top) with Trapcode Particular. You'll also use Trapcode Starglow to enhance the look.

Particle Splash Tutorial with Trapcode Particular

Robert Lagar at AE Tuts+ explains how to make a realistic splash effect in After Effects with Trapcode Particular that reacts with music.

Tutorial: Shoot Off A 3D Plexus Particle Stream on AEtuts+

Posted by Lloyd Alvarez on AEtuts+: "The tutorial is on how to create a “pseudo” particle stream using Plexus. I say pseudo because it’s not really a particle stream, it just appears as one. The tools involved are Cinema 4d and After Effects with these 3rd party plugins: Plexus, Trapcode Particular and VCP Optical Flares although Particular and Optical Flares could be substituted with Particle World and any lens flare but I used particular and optical flares in the tut."

Video Copilot: Tutorial- 3D Set Extensions in After Effects

• Create a 3D set extension with fog using Stock Footage
• Use Camera Tracker to matchmove inside of AE

Red Giant QuickTip #4 - Adjustment Lights

In this QuickTip, Harry Frank shows you how to manage lights with Trapcode products: how to light 3D layers and exclude emitter lights from those same layers.

Red Giant QuickTip #19 : Nulls vs Lights as Emitters in Particular


Some people like to use Nulls or Solids as emitters in Particular, and some like to use Lights. But when is it best to use one or the other? Both have strength and weaknesses. Here you'll learn where an when to use them.

Red Giant Quicktip #18: Old Film Look

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create an old film look with light leaks. He'll be using Trapcode Particular to create the light leaks, and the tools in Magic Bullet Looks to create the look of old damaged footage.

Red Giant QuickTip #25: Aligning Particular Motion Paths

Motion paths in Particular can be tricky. Harry Frank brings you this overview of how to set them up, and a foolproof way to align the spline in 3D space with a simple expression.
Expressions used in this tutorial:
Particular Emitter Position XY:
pos = thisComp.layer("Motion Path 1").position.valueAtTime(0);
[pos[0], pos[1]]
Particular Emitter Position Z:
thisComp.layer("Motion Path 1").position.valueAtTime(0)[2]
You can also use this preset Harry created for AE CS4+, to use (with a try/catch thing so it doesn't error):​Explore/​PresetDetail.aspx?PresetId=1637

Red Giant QuickTip #33: Trapcode Particular Lightning Bolt

In this tutorial, Wes Ball (of OddBall Animation) shows you how to create a stylized lightning bolt effect (seen in the Lovett music video "Eye of the Storm") using Trapcode Particular and Trapcode 3D Stroke.

Transfering your After Effects CS5 plug-ins to After Effects CS5.5, Mac version

Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm shows you a quick way to get your plug-ins moved to Adobe After Effects CS5.5 from CS5. It will take 5 minutes and will not require you to download new installers.

How to Transfer CS5 Plug-ins to CS5.5 in Windows

Learn how to transfer your After Effects and Premiere Pro plug-ins from CS5 to CS5.5 in Windows without having to re-install your plug-ins!

Red Giant TV Episode 54: Compositing and Color Correction in After Effects and Premiere Pro

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Eran Stern returns to show you how he created the promo for his new DVD: The Best of Premiere Pro. He'll cover keying, compositing, color correction and visual effects in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Red Giant QuickTip #44: Creating a Rocket Ship Trail of Letters

In this QuickTip, Harry Frank guides you through the set-up and expressions required to emit a paragraph of letters from a moving After Effects layer.

Red Giant QuickTip #39: Fairytale Lighting in After Effects

In this tutorial Harry Frank demonstrates how to take a regular, run-of-the-mill shot and turn it into something beautiful and moody, straight out of a fairytale. You'll learn how to set up a down-and-dirty 3D track, add volumetric light and dust to a live action shot, and then finish it with some simulated camera lens blur.