Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Pro v8.6

Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Pro
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The 3D Invigorator PRO for After Effects plug-in has once again proven to be the must-have software of the year.

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    Rated: 43211 (4/5), based on 3 review(s)


February 09, 2013

Simple and Intuitive with Exceptional Results

I have been a Zaxwerks software user for almost 10 years, and their products are a big part of how I evolved into the Digital Media Professional that I am today. If you're looking to learn 3D modeling or animation, then this is, without a doubt, the best program to start with (as is its counterpart "ProAnimator" - each have slightly different advantages depending on how you prefer to work). Even if you are an expert user of another 3D program, there are many aspects that you will find advantageous, and you will wonder why such an approach hasn't been integrated into other software of this nature. While the interface and workflow are very quick and easy to learn, the results are nothing less than stellar. There are Ray Traced soft shadows, reflections, and refractions, ambient occlusion, an Open-GL renderer, and much more, that make Invigorator Pro and ProAnimator my go-to tools for 3D logo and text production. Their interoperability with Adobe After Effects allows you to integrate the animations you produce with them, seamlessly with the AE timeline, camera, lights, and multitude of effects. Lastly, the customer service and support I have received from Zaxwerks over the years has always been exceptional. They are polite and quick to reply, whether it is to help with a problem, or to listen to a suggestion; they are a company that treats each one of its customers with care and respect. If you are looking to branch out into 3D, then the Zaxwerks family of software are the tools for you! Have fun!

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April 27, 2012

Great in theory

While this product seems to fill a niche at a decent price point, the benefits for me have been nullified by the total lack of decent support. I've had nothing but extremely slow performance, most of the time outright crashes, when trying to use Invigorator Pro. This is on a very powerful workstation that has had no other issues whatsoever. After many attempts to resolve this with tech support, it remains unusable and therefore a waste of budget money. At one point my issue was to be elevated to the programmers for input but then I stopped even hearing from this company. Very disappointing. I would skip this one entirely and go with the new functionality coming in CS6.

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April 04, 2012

Earns the Microfilmmaker Magazine's Award of Superiority

I came across Zaxwerks at NAB as I was flying through the Plug-in area, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a demo where they created a 3D logo from scratch in 5 minutes. Any program that can give you those kind of amazing results in such a short amount of time is with a look, and I'd say Invigorator Pro is a must have for any editor.

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