• Maya Monday (20 ARTICLES)

  • Maya Monday: The New UV Editor

    Sep 18, 2017

    In any 3D application that I’ve learned, working with UVs has always been the most daunting for me. In Maya 2017 Update 3, Autodesk has taken great steps to make it easier to work with UVs. The UV Editor has been totally overhauled with improved tools and functionality.

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  • Maya Monday: The New MASH Dynamics Node in Maya 2018, Part 3

    Aug 28, 2017

    This is the last in our series on the brand new MASH Dynamics Node in the latest Maya release, which came out at the end of July. We’re featuring the last 4 videos from Ian Water’s great series.

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  • Maya Monday: The New MASH Dynamics Node in Maya 2018, Part 2

    Aug 21, 2017

    Happy Eclipse Day! I’m on a trip now viewing the eclipse in Totality, so I’ve queued this one up for you. It’s part 2 of our series on the new Dynamics Node in MASH in Maya 2018. Ian Waters has a great series that we’re showcasing.

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  • Maya Monday: The New MASH Dynamics Node in Maya 2018, Part 1

    Aug 14, 2017

    There are some great new motion graphics features in Maya 2018 including new MASH Nodes, such as MASH Dynamics Node, MASH World Node, and the MASH Placer Node. We’re going to focus on the MASH Dynamics Node for the next couple of weeks.

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  • Maya Monday: Particles and Particle Plug-ins

    Jul 24, 2017

    We are going to talk about one of the most useful and versatile types of effects out there - particles. Particles can be used to make fire, smoke, water drops, microbes, dust and sand, and any number of miscellaneous motion graphic elements. We’re going to lump fluid simulation in as well and cover a few plug-ins to expand your options.

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  • Maya Monday: Free Rigs and Rigging Software

    Jul 10, 2017

    Here are a few free Maya rigs for you to download, deconstruct, and learn from! Also, there are some tools that make rigging easier in Maya that you should seriously check out.

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  • Maya Monday: Mastering MASH’s Color Node

    Jun 26, 2017

    MASH, which we’ve featured a few times on Maya Monday, is an extension that has become the 3D motion graphics toolset for Maya. From my experience in After Effects, it reminds me of things you can do with Video Copilot Element 3D and Rowbyte Plexus. Today we’re focusing on the Color Node, which is automatically added when you add MASH to your network.

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  • Maya Monday: Maya for Motion Graphics

    Jun 19, 2017

    The full webinar for Maya for Motion Graphics is online. Taught by Stephen Roselle, Sr. Technical Specialist for Autodesk for Autodesk Media and Entertainment. This is a super useful tutorial for those of you who are After Effects users and are new to Maya.

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  • Maya Monday: Character Animation Tools in Maya

    Jun 12, 2017

    We have touched on the topic of animating in Maya previously in our Maya Monday series, and today we’re going to dive in a little deeper. We’ll cover the Character Controls, updated in Maya 2016, and also keyframing, the Graph Editor, and the HumanIK window. Lots of IK today. It’s a lot to cover!

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  • Burning Question/Maya Monday: How do I create a Walk Cycle in Maya?

    May 30, 2017

    In 2015 I wrote an article about how to create a walk cycle with several tutorials and examples, plus, some animals, not just people! This article is a follow up, focused on Maya. Yes, we missed Maya Monday due to the holiday yesterday, but we’ll do it like the garbage man, and bump things back a day!

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  • Maya Monday: Arnold Render 5 + Free Shaderset and Tutorial

    May 22, 2017

    We’ve already talked about Arnold Render previously on an episode of Maya Monday, but it’s important. Plus, we are officially selling Arnold Render! Here are a couple of tutorials and an Arnold shader set and lighting setup tutorial from Kungfujackrabbit.

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  • Maya Monday: Where did Arnold Go?

    May 15, 2017

    I ran into a little problem after updating to Maya 2017. Arnold Standard Shader was missing! If this happens to you, this is an easy fix!

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  • Maya Monday: Maya Live Link for After Effects

    May 01, 2017

    As a career-long After Effects user, a good integration with After Effects is something I find to be extremely important. In Maya 2017, Autodesk introduced the Adobe After Effects Live Link.

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  • Maya Monday: Time Editor

    Apr 10, 2017

    Coming from After Effects world, the purpose for me of diving into Maya is to learn how to create animated motion graphics. Last week we went to L.A. to the Autodesk offices for some training and one thing we talked about is the new Time Editor in Maya 2017 which replaced Trax. While the Time Editor isn’t specifically for Motion Graphics, it is an awesome feature that I know I will use a lot.

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  • Maya Monday: Maya for Motion Graphics and MASH

    Mar 27, 2017

    The purpose of this series is to get up to speed in Maya so that I am comfortable using it for motion graphics. The tutorials here are more of an intro to motion graphics in Maya.

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  • Maya Monday: mental ray vs. Arnold for Maya + Other Renderers

    Mar 20, 2017

    In Maya 2017, Autodesk has replaced NVIDIA’s mental ray with Arnold for Maya software. mental ray is no longer being licensed by Autodesk. This is really only a problem if you’re opening older projects or want to follow an older tutorial that uses it.

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  • Maya Monday: Learning to Model in Maya

    Feb 27, 2017

    Modeling is the most fun part of working in 3D, for me, anyway. Check out this fantastic 2 part tutorial about creating a low-poly lighthouse and it is a wonderful introduction to the Modeling Toolkit in Maya. If you’re just learning Maya, definitely check this one out!

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  • Maya Monday: Hotkeys, Customization, and Fixing Bugs

    Feb 20, 2017

    Learning hotkeys can make your work in Maya so much more efficient. I know my keyboard shortcuts fairly well in After Effects, but being new to Maya, I’m learning them and I’ve put several in my notebook. Here are a few good ones that I have learned and resources about Maya Hotkeys.

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  • Maya Monday: Opening Maya For the First Time

    Feb 13, 2017

    If you’re brand new to Maya and have no idea where to begin, here are a few tutorials to help you dip your toe into the Maya pond.

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  • Maya Monday: Maya 2017: Quick Rig

    Feb 06, 2017

    Quick Rig was introduced in Maya 2016, extension 2 and is an auto-rigging tool that finds the right points in the character mesh. Here are some information and a few tutorials about it.

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