Adobe News: Muse Beta 7 Update Available; Photoshop CS6 news

News Mar 27, 2012 at 11:26 AM

Muse (code name) Beta 7 Update Now Available. Photoshop CS6 drops Vista, 32-bit Mac support

Congrats Todd Kopriva

First off, congrats to Todd Kopriva at Adobe on his new job. He's moving from the technical support group to project management for the professional video and audio apps.

Adobe Muse Beta

Adobe Muse (code name) Beta 7 Update Now Available. Read about it on an Adobe Blog.

Info on Photoshop CS6

If you missed it last week, the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta was released to Adobe Labs.

John Nack had a couple of updates on his blog:

Terry White's Creative Suite blog

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