Big Screen Effects: Character Animation in The Jungle Book

Big Screen Effects: Character Animation in The Jungle Book
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Disney’s The Jungle Book had some amazing CG characters and visual effects created by MPC and others. Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about the visual effects Disney’s The Jungle Book! It’s really cool stuff.

Disney's The Jungle Book

The Oscar Winning The Jungle Book included phenomenal full CG environments. The number of artists who worked on the film is astounding, but if you see the film, you'll know why! Below are a few videos and some articles relating to the work involved in the film. MPC posted many of them on their YouTube channel, which I recommend following! 

MPC 'Naturalistic Effects' of The Jungle Book VFX breakdown

MPC 'The Characters of The Jungle Book'

Ben Jones, Gabriele Zucchelli and Peta Bayley of MPC explain how they created and animated the animals in The Jungle Book.

MPC 'The Environments of The Jungle Book'

Audrey Ferrara, MPC's Environment Supervisor, discusses what was involved for her team to create the astonishing environments for the film.

ITV visit MPC to learn about the craft behind Disney's The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book 'Tech & VFX' Featurette (2016)

Jungle Book: Visual effects revealed - BBC Click

Adam Valdez, VFX Supervisor at MPC talks about his work on the film. 

The Jungle Book Vfx from CG Meetup

Interviews with Rob Legato, VFX Supervisor

DP/30: The Jungle Book, Rob Legato

More interviews

Creating a Photoreal Masterpiece: Rob Legato on the Virtual Cinematography of ‘The Jungle Book’

Oscar-Nominated VFX Supervisor Rob Legato on The Jungle Book

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