C4D Live SIGGRAPH 2018 Rewind - Round 1

C4D Live SIGGRAPH 2018 Rewind - Round 1
News, Events, Inspirations, Tutorial Aug 23, 2018 at 02:19 PM

Check out the first round of videos from SIGGRAPH 2018, held last week in Vancouver, Canada. In the first batch, we have Tim Clapham, Nick, Chad, and Chris from Greyscalegorilla, and Josh Johnson showing their motion graphics and Cinema 4D Release 20.

Tim Clapham: Fields and the Evolution of Mograph

Duration: 49:16   |  Made with Release: 20  |  Works with Release: 20 and greater

C4D Legend Tim Clapham demonstrates creative uses for Fields in Cinema 4D R20 in this live presentation from Siggraph 2018. New in R20, Fields allows users to stack and blend falloffs in creative ways to control MoGraph, Deformations, Vertex Maps and more. Tim specifically shows how Fields simplifies two projects created in earlier versions of Cinema 4D - a Nike ad created with Buck and projections for the Sydney Opera House created with Spinifex. Tim also explains the concept and execution of Reaction Diffusion with fields, and shows how it can be used to create organic growth effects.

02:58 Fields Overview
08:11 Fields with Vertex Maps and Displacement
12:07 Nike - Fields with MoGraph Selection and Displacement
22:44 Sydney Opera House - Noise-based Growth Animation
33:00 Parametric Setup / Correction Deformer
36:25 Reaction Diffusion (Vertex Maps)
42:23 Reaction Diffusion in 3D

Josh Johnson: R20 Features and VFX Workflows

Duration: 40:54  |  Made with Release: 20  | Works with Release: 20 and greater

Josh Johnson demonstrates the improved motion tracking in Cinema 4D Release 20 in this live presentation from Siggraph 2018. Josh first performs an automatic track for some footage, and then shows how to set up a shadow catcher in both Redshift and C4D’s Physical Render to incorporate 3D elements with the footage. Next Josh shows the new manual tracking workflow and improved algorithms with virtual keyframes, tracking an incredibly difficult shot. Josh also highlights some new Alembic re-timing and multi-instance features in Cinema 4D R20.

06:48 Auto Tracking
11:20 Shadow Catcher (in Redshift and Physical)
16:24 Camera Calibrator
20:11 Manual Tracking
22:44 Virtual Keyframes
31:32 Object Tracking
35:10 Alembic Re-timing
37:57 Multi-Instances

Greyscalegorilla: Greyscalegorilla’s Favorite Cinema 4D R20 Features

Duration: 57:56  |  Made with Release: 20  |  Works with Release: 20 and greater

Nick, Chad, and Chris from Greyscalegorilla show their favorite new features in Cinema 4D Release 20. All three show some examples where they’ve used Fields in MoGraph, vertex maps, and deformers. Chad provides an overview of Node-Based Materials while explaining how he used UV Context to create a swirl node in order to texture peppermint candies. Nick and Chris show off some basics of the OpenVDB-based Volume Workflow, while Chad shows of the new Bake As Alembic command and Multi-Instances.

03:25 Fields Overview (Chris)
13:04 Liquid Effect (Chris)
19:42 Footsteps in Snow (Chad)
23:52 Fields with Dynamics (Nick)
28:26 Node-Based Materials (Chad)
38:33 Volumes (Nick)
47:31 Volumes / Cloud (Chris)
50:09 Volumes / 3D Printing (Chris)
51:54 Bake as Alembic (Chad)
52:58 Multi-Instances (Chad)

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki