Maya Monday: Learning to Model in Maya

Maya Monday: Learning to Model in Maya
Tutorial, Maya Monday Feb 27, 2017 at 12:16 PM

Modeling is the most fun part of working in 3D, for me, anyway. Check out this fantastic 2 part tutorial about creating a low-poly lighthouse and it is a wonderful introduction to the Modeling Toolkit in Maya. If you’re just learning Maya, definitely check this one out!

So far, of all of the Maya tutorials that I have watched, I really like Yone Santana's teaching style. He's easy to follow and I've learned a lot! This is about 2.5 hours of training and it has taken me about 6 hours to get through it between stopping to take notes, reviewing things, and rebooting with !@#$% kernel panics (I've had 2 of them in 2 days). 

Maya 2017 - Low Polygon Modelling - Part 1

Part one covers bringing in reference images and positioning them, and scaling them up so that they are the right scale for the project. Then Yone explains how to create a proxy, in case your team needs a stand in model, while you're still working. 

Here's where I was when I finished part 1.

Maya Lighthouse

This covers tutorial covers so much including loop and ring selections; shortcuts like the G key to repeat the last command; components like Bridge, Extrude, and Bevel; Extract; Outliner; and so much more. 

Maya 2017 - Low Polygon Modelling - part 2

The tutorial continues, teaching users how to create the railing and windows on the lighthouse. 

Cartoon House 3d modeling tutorial in Autodesk Maya

If you want to sit back and watch someone work, this is an enjoyable tutorial to give you some insight on how to create something a little house in Maya. 

Other useful Maya Modeling tutorials

There are loads of tutorials on YouTube about Modeling in Maya, some of better quality than others, but here are a couple of resources that I've found helpful. 

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