Midweek Motivation: Duncan Dix Audi A3 project lit with HDR Light Studio

Midweek Motivation: Duncan Dix Audi A3 project lit with HDR Light Studio
News Oct 11, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Duncan Dix is D&AD awarded Creative Director with 10 years’ experience across Broadcast, Film, Live Event & Print. Duncan lit Audi A3 images with HDR Light Studio and shared his story of lighting with the folks at Lightmap.

Duncan Dix says:

I’m finding Light Studio indispensable. It’s one of those things – once you use it it’s hard to go back to a workflow without it.

The aim of the Audi project was to produce clean, atmospheric images focusing on the lines of the car. Synthetic soft boxes were used to light the matte finished carpaint, creating extremely clean reflections without artefacts. The ‘light paint’ tool was essential in accurately lighting the lines of the car.

The Cinema 4D connection was used with Octane to render the images. Using HDR Light Studio in conjunction with the interactive preview has sped up my lighting workflow tenfold.

I have been working in motion graphics as a designer & director for ten years. I’ve always had a passion for creating detailed hi-resolution images, and I am about to set up a company focusing on this work. HDR Light Studio is proving to be an essential part of the pipeline.

See more of Duncan Dix work on his website:  https://www.beast.net.au/

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