Midweek Motivations: LeCoste ‘Timeless’ with Making Of Video

Midweek Motivations: LeCoste ‘Timeless’ with Making Of Video
Inspirations Jul 12, 2017 at 11:56 AM

Timeless is the most recent Lacoste short film directed by Wanda’s Seb Edwards for agency BETC Paris. The story is about a romance between a woman and man that connects them over time. The effects include lots of green screen and CG trains and sets. It’s impressive!

The Directors Cut of Timeless

The Making Of Timeless

First, FxGuide did a feature on this film and talked to the visual effects supervisor, Stéphane Allender from Mikros Image, and he shares some interesting details about the software and green screen. From the article:

FXG: What was the vfx pipleine that worked in with that footage?

Allender: We used Maya and rendered in Arnold, compositing was in Flame and Nuke.

FXG: I see there was some green screen but there must have also been a reasonable amount of roto and clean up?

Allender: We did use green screen in the studio where possible but we always gave priority to good lighting and SFX. We did end up with lots of complex roto and tracking. Even some reflections in the glass had to be rotoed. We also shook the trains with hydraulics for more realism. We thought we would be in a better starting place to have a train lit really well, and moving - rather than focus on a clean green screen.

Read the FxGuide Interview

Posted by Michele Yamazaki