Midweek Motivations: Mario Brothers AR + Interview

Midweek Motivations: Mario Brothers AR + Interview
Inspirations Aug 23, 2017 at 09:09 AM

Abhishek Singh, a first-time AR developer, created an incredible AR of the first level of Super Mario Bros in Unity3D. Singh used Autodesk tools in the creation of the elements for the AR and is interviewed in the Journey to VR webcast about it.

I'm sure Singh got a lot of strange glances but what a great way for kids to still get to play video games AND go outside for some exercise! 

Journey to VR: Interview with Abhishek Singh, Mario Brothers AR

Daryl Obert of Journey to VR talks to Singh about his work on the project.

Read more about the Project

The video went viral and was covered by loads of well-respected news and tech sites:

Posted by Michele Yamazaki