Midweek Motivations: r/AfterEffects Collab 3: Elephant music/lyric video

Midweek Motivations: r/AfterEffects Collab 3: Elephant music/lyric video
Feb 07, 2018 at 11:51 AM

This music video for Tame Impala’s Elephant was completely created in After Effects by members of the Discord After Effects group. Impressive work! I’ve been on the Discord group for a few weeks now and there’s a lot of interesting After Effects chat and links to inspiring work.

This is the third time the talented group has collaborated at the r/aftereffects discord. This is amazing work. 


Beef Boy!
Dottedtaylor - https://www.youtube.com/user/dottedtaylor/
Zoe Prosser - http://www.zoeprosser.co.uk
Nanoid - https://twitter.com/nanoid
Kit Farman (Kazy) - http://kit.im/
Callum Cannarella - https://callumcannarella.myportfolio.com/
Caspar Brown - caspar.camera
Bent Hillerkus

Laura Porat - http://lauraporat.com
White - http://be.net/leopadoveze
Zach Healey - http://www.centralmotiongraphics.com
Josh Smith - vimeo.com/joshsmithness
Alejandro Diaz - http://alejdiaz.com

Jeremy Mann - vimeo.com/235095611
Mar Torrijos - https://www.martorrijos.com
Slykuiper - http://slykuiper.com/
VisualFrisson - https://visual-frisson.com
Matthew Lupo - http://mattlupo.tv
Jordan (Lt_Skitz) - https://www.jquack.com

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