Midweek Motivations: Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror”

Midweek Motivations: Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror”
Inspirations Mar 01, 2017 at 09:05 AM

This catchy tune from English duo Shy Luv sounds great on my headphones, but this video is really surreal! It was created by Directors Jules Janaud and Fabrice Le Nezet, a French VFX and animation duo known as bif, part of the collective at production company Mill+.

Shy Luv - Shock Horror feat Jones

The singer's bodies have been made floppy and jelly-like, then miniaturized and cloned 20 times and are in an endless freefall, bouncing off of the bodies of a giant swimsuit models. bif explains, “Firstly we used a photogrammetry scanning system to recreate a perfect 3D model of each character. Using CGI allowed us to integrate impossible camera shots that we could then animate the band into and populate each scene the way we wanted. Learn more about bif.

"By applying physics and dynamics forces we managed to get very interesting results: the band alive and moving inflated like balloons as well as diving in the sky in a very organic way."

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki