Midweek Motivations: The new Audi A5 2017 Pure Imagination Commercial

Midweek Motivations: The new Audi A5 2017 Pure Imagination Commercial
Inspirations Feb 07, 2018 at 10:41 AM

People are still talking about the Super Bowl ads but today we’re talking about last year’s stunning ad for the Audi A5 with some incredible futuristic visual effects, v and asking the question,  “What if artificial intelligence could dream?”.

This ad comes from the BBH London Agency, Nexus Studios and directed by GMUNK, with post-production by The Mill London. The ad was produced over a 6 month time frame and this is the director's cut. 

Director GMUNK explains:

Applying principles of cinematography and illumination, and using the properties of light to make everything look and feel more physical, in effect renders the dream world more believable and tangible.

Also infusing elements of light in other forms – aberrations, optics – making it more ethereal, dreamlike, and magical. This merges the physical with the virtual; a divine transcendence of mind and matter.

Read about the Concept at GMUNK

The Mill VFX Supervisor and 3D Lead Artist Alex Hammond talks about creating the look:

GMUNK often brings a very organic approach to the digital visuals he wants as a final product. Onset we shot camera filters, prisms, LEDs, screens, and torches, to add to the layering of the compositing. Then, once back in the studio, we also constructed and shot giant kaleidoscopes and prisms. These elements were then digitized and reconstituted as camera effects and UV displacement maps in Nuke, adding to the final visual effect.

Read about the visual effects at The Mill

There is another version of this commercial on YouTube featuring the song Pure Imagination, sung by Gene Wilder in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. 

Posted by Michele Yamazaki