New: 3 New FxFactory Plug-ins!

New: 3 New FxFactory Plug-ins!
New Products, News Jan 10, 2018 at 10:34 AM

Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2, CineFlare Smooth, and PremiumVFX Animated Elements are now available for purchase. They all use the FxFactory FxEngine. Download a free trial today!

Luca Visual Fx LightKit 2.0Luca Visual FX Light Kit 2.0

Simulate flickering, regional, burning and flashing lights

A set of 16 stylish plugins offering a wide range of light and image enhancement tools are now available for Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Motion 5 users. What's new? Continue reading below.

Limited Time Introductory Pricing of $49!

Buy Luca Visual FX LightKit 2.0

Cineflare Smooth for FCPXCineflare Smooth for FCPX 2.0

Dynamic transitions applied through the title layer to give you ultimate freedom over the final look. Multiple styles can be stacked and combined!

Smooth is a unique set of over 60 various smooth flowing transitions that ease your footage in and out. However, we have taken a angle on these transitions and built them out as title layers! This means you can easily create transitions without the need of overlapping footage from one clip to the next!

Free upgrade for existing customers

Get Cineflare Smooth for FCPX

PremiumVFX Animated Elements for FCPX PremiumVFX Animated Elements for FCPX

Motion Graphics Shapes to enhance your projects

Animated Elements is a set of 150 Professionally Animated Motion Graphics Shapes to enhance your projects.


  • Quick & Easy to Install and Use in Final Cut Pro X.
  • Change Duration/Speed (Just Click & Drag).
  • Change Color, Position, Size Etc.
  • No Third Party Plugins required.
  • On Screen Control.
  • Enable/Disable Shapes.
  • Perspective Angles.
  • Drop/Long Shadow.
  • Glow & 3D effects.

Buy PremiumVFX Animated Elements  

Note: All of these products are Mac only and require FxFactory to run, which is a free download.

Want a free trial?

To try a free trial of any or all of these products, download and install FxFactory. You can install these plug-ins with the FxFactory app. 

Posted by Michele Yamazaki