New: Altus Denoising Software - Remove Noise, Keep the Fine Details

New: Altus Denoising Software - Remove Noise, Keep the Fine Details
New Products May 14, 2018 at 05:14 AM

Toolfarm is proud to now offer Altus Denoiser. Supporting all popular Monte Carlo renderers today, Altus denoising software will remove noise and preserve fine details, allowing you to create sharp renders faster, while saving money.

Altus Denoiser will preserve details in textures, hair, normals and more!

Producing high-quality 3D renderings with physically-based, Monte Carlo 3D rendering software can be a challenge. If speed and budget are important, that means contending with noise. When high-quality renderings are a must, major financial outlays are required, not to mention waiting through slow rendering.

Altus denoising software puts an end to the dilemma between settling for low-quality renderings for the sake of speed and budget, and expending large amounts of capital for high-quality 3D rendering. Altus denoising software tackles those issues with ease – with crisp, clear, noiseless 3D rendering results, with no long waits, and with significantly reduced costs.

altus denoising software

One of the most useful aspects of Altus is the ability to work with Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems along with any Monte Carlo based 3-D rendering configuration. Altus is designed to integrate seamlessly into digital content creation (DCC) and compositing packages, render farm queue automation, and a wide variety of renderers.

Supported renderers: Arnold, Corona, Mental Ray, Modo, Maxwell, Octane Render, Redshift, V-Ray, and many more.

1-year subscription (Node-locked): MSRP: $299  Toolfarm Price: $284.05
1-year subscription (Floating): MSRP: $399  Toolfarm Price: $379.05

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Get a free trial

All Altus downloads are free for evaluation purposes, but insert a watermark over your render. To remove the watermark, purchase the licenses you'll need to get your project finished quickly.

If you want to say goodbye to expensive, slow 3-D renders, check out what Altus can do.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha