New: Curious Turtle’s Silhouette Projects: Master the New Features of Silhouette V5

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Silhouette v5 was released today - get up to speed with this excellent new training from Curious Turtle!


Silhouette Projects - Screenshot 5


Master the new features of Silhouette V5

The latest release of SilhouetteFX's software adds a whole range of new and improved features for your VFX work. Shortcut the learning curve and get working fast with the new addition to Curious Turtle's renowned training courses. This self-paced course is structured into sections, with core skills being built-up and expanded over the six-and-a-half hours of pin-sharp HD video tutorials.

Curious Turtle’s Silhouette Projects: The Tools of Silhouette

Reg: $81.99 TF: $77.89



This focuses on the significant updates to the UI, Trackers and Roto toolset.  This is about fully articulated rotoscoping. Fast.


Set up your Paint Node to work quickly between different tools and brushes.  Then use Auto Paint to do the rest of the work for you.

Warping and Morphing

The new Morph Node opens up a whole world of opportunities.  We start with fundamentals before making a cat talk and use an extreme morph example to show the concepts and practice.

S3D Node

Generate 2D-3D Conversions with enormous speed, flexibility and control. Use Silhouette's many tools and Nodes to make dimensionalization a snap compared with other techniques.

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