New: Topaz Detail 3- Restore and Refine Detail in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture

New Products, News Dec 14, 2012 at 09:45 AM

Introducing a more powerful Topaz Detail: Features new tools, even more detail control and improved performance!

Introducing a more powerful Topaz Detail™ that features new tools, even more detail control and improved performance!

What's New in Topaz Detail 3?

Detail 3 gives you a wider range of flexibility and control over detail manipulation and enhancement. It includes over 50 new presets that are organized into convenient collections, separate adjustment controls for shadow and highlight details and improved toning control - powered by IntelliColor™. Plus the built-in masking with edge aware technology makes it easier than ever to selectively put detail where you want it.

Topaz Labs Detail 3: Available for Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom $39.00


  • One-of-a kind detail enhancement for precise control over creative and output sharpening.
  • Selectively adjust small, medium and large image detail in 3 separate tonal regions.
  • Control the appearance and intensity of image detail.
  • Sharpen without fear of creating edge artifacts or halos.
  • Easily increase clarity, definition and depth.
  • Unique tone and color control, featuring IntelliColor technology.

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