News: Adobe Photoshop Sneak Peeks

News: Adobe Photoshop Sneak Peeks
News Oct 05, 2017 at 01:25 PM

We focus a lot on the video products but most people I know in the industry use Photoshop every day. There are some really nice new features coming up in the next release of Photoshop CC. These new features include enhancements to the Text Tool and the Curvature Path Tool.

Photoshop sneak: Support for 'variable fonts'

Adobe says, "Variable Font is a new OpenType font format that supports custom font attributes like weight, width, and slant is coming soon to Photoshop CC."

New Curvature Pen Tool Coming to Photoshop CC | Adobe Creative Cloud

The new Curvature Pen Tool makes path creation easier and more intuitive in Photoshop CC by enabling you to create paths more quickly and precisely.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki