News: Digital Anarchy announces PowerSearch for Premiere Pro

News: Digital Anarchy announces PowerSearch for Premiere Pro
News Apr 12, 2018 at 10:14 AM

At NAB, Digital Anarchy showcased PowerSearch, a new product for Adobe Premiere Pro editors to search metadata within video clips using Google-like keyword searches to find specific instances of spoken words or terms in video clips and sequences.

PowerSearch is a panel for Premiere Pro that's currently in beta and is part of the Transcriptive download. It will eventually be a separate product.

PowerSearch Features:

  • Searches entire project for metadata
  • Displays every clip/sequence with the search term
  • Opens clips or sequences and jumps to where the search term is spoken

PowerSearch allows the editor to search the entire Premiere project. This is particularly powerful when used with Transcriptive or other tool that turns all the dialog in your video footage to text. It becomes like Google for your Premiere project, searching through the text and displaying any clips or sequences where your search term is spoken. You can then click on the results and it’ll open the clip/sequence and jump to where it’s spoken.

And it’s not just limited to transcripts created with artificial intelligence. With Transcriptive you can import existing transcripts and it’ll assign timecode to every word, making those transcripts fully searchable as well. You can even search for other types of metadata, date, format, location, etc. Allowing you to search the width and breadth of any Premiere project.

PowerSearch is a fast and amazing way to comb through all the data in your Premiere project.

Learn more about PowerSearch in Transcriptive

Posted by Kim Sternisha