Review: proDAD Mercalli SAL Mac

Review: proDAD Mercalli SAL Mac
News Nov 08, 2017 at 07:35 AM

Filmmaker Jim Hare, founder of Hare Brained Ideas, talks about proDAD’s new Mercalli® SAL for Mac video stabilizer.

proDAD Mercalli SAL Mac

Complete video stabilization & distortion correction for macOS, stand-alone application

The full power of the Mercalli V4 video stabilization engine, complete with automatic 2-level CMOS distortion correction, rolling-shutter correction, and fisheye distortion removal now available for the Mac.

Here's an excerpt from Jim Hare's review:

I’ve been a big fan of Mercalli for a while now.  The results I’ve seen are second to none and they are putting some massive secret voodoo in their products. As a lifelong Apple user I’m over the moon that have brought that incredible power to the Mac.

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prodad mercalli sal macWith more powerful correction than ANY current Final Cut Pro video stabilizer plugin, Mercalli SAL Mac can transform shaky, wobbly, and warped video into cinematic gold with a flexible workflow and keyboard shortcuts that will be intuitive to any Mac video editor.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha