Sale: SoundToys Summer Sale - Save up to 80% on Select Plug-ins

Sale: SoundToys Summer Sale - Save up to 80% on Select Plug-ins
Sales Jul 10, 2018 at 07:50 AM

Get $150 off the SoundToys 5 bundle, plus save up to 80% on MicroShift, EchoBoy, Devil-Loc Deluxe and more, now through July 31, 2018.

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soundtoysSoundToys 5 - Save $150

Soundtoys 5 brings together our entire range of audio effects into one powerful collection. Includes all 20 Soundtoys plug-ins.

SALE: $349 (reg. $499)

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soundtoys echoboySoundToys EchoBoy - Only $99

Echoboy wraps decades of echo device history and new forward-thinking features into one versatile effect that will find its way into every corner of your mixes.

SALE: $99 (reg. $199)

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soundtoys microshiftSoundToys Microshift - Only $49

MicroShift makes it wide. Be it vocals, synths, guitars, backing vocals or whatever you choose to run through it, MicroShift uses this classic studio trick to spread out, thicken up, or give a new space to any track you hit with it.

SALE: $49 (reg. $129)

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soundtoys devil loc deluxeDevil-Loc Deluxe - Only $49

A crushing, pounding, aggressive compressor for massive drums. Our spin on an old classic.

SALE: $49 (reg. $129)

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soundtoys little alter boyLittle AlterBoy - Only $29

Dramatic voice alteration. Get a huge range of vocal transformations from one simple plug-in. Change the pitch of a voice, or change the singer’s gender with formant shifting. Lock onto a single pitch for robotic sounds. You can even control the vocal’s melody using MIDI for creative vocoder-like effects.

SALE: $29 (reg. $99)

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Other SoundToys Products on Sale

Decapitator - $99 (reg. $199)
Crystallizer - $49 (reg. $149)
Radiator - $49 (reg. $129)
Tremolator - $29 (reg. $129)
Sie-Q - $29 (reg. $99)
Little Plate - $29 (reg. $99)
EchoBoy Jr. - $29 (reg. $99)

Sale ends July 31, 2018.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha