The Toolfarm Report 12/7/2011

News Dec 07, 2011 at 03:59 AM

formZ Beta, 5 best video editors, Free Cinema 4D Shaders from Envato, SF Cutters Meeting tonight and a Blackmagic acquisition.

Toolfarm Report AutoDesSys formZ 7 Beta Available

Download the beta by clicking the link above. They are also having a free webinar about Parametric modeling in a modern fluid interface tomorrow, Wednesday, December 7 from 1-2pm EST. Register here.

Five best Video Editors on LifeHacker

Obviously a more consumer-based survey, they list Apple iMovie, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe Premiere. In the footnote of the article, they link to a very interesting comparison chart of pretty much every NLE in existence.

20-in-1 Stone Shaders for Cinema 4D

Envato's site, 3DOcean, has some free stone shaders for Maxon Cinema 4D as one of their Freebies of the Month. It shows it as $15 but I'm not logged in so possibly when you log in, it shows up as free.

REMINDER SF Cutters Last 2011 Meeting at Adobe 601 Townsend at 7th WED Dec 7 Tickets almost sold out

If you're in San Francisco, there's a do not miss meeting tonight at Adobe with SF Cutters. FCPX, Premiere Pro, NEW Techology: Coincident TV and Intelligent Assistants and what would life be like without Tippett Studios - sharing workdone on "IMMORTALS" and "BREAKING DAWN"! Tickets are $15.

Blackmagic Buys Terenex

Terenex makes "extremely high quality deinterlace, up conversion, down conversion, SD and HD cross conversion, SD and HD standards conversion, automatic cadence detection and removal even with edited content, noise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion and smart aspect ratio 4:3 to 16:9 conversion, all with full time code and multi channel audio conversion." Seems like a good fit.


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