Tutorial: Classic Car 3D Text!

Tutorial: Classic Car 3D Text!
Tutorial Jan 13, 2015 at 04:11 AM

Andrew Kramer shows you how to make some really cool 3D texts and emblems similar to those found on classic cars.  And do it all in Element 3D V2.

Watch on Videocolpilot.net.

Tips in this Tutorial

  • Extruding Text & Adjusting Bevels
  • Outline Bevel mode for creating Emblems
  • Dynamic Reflection Modes
  • Create fake car paint flake material.
  • Tips for adjust render quality

Andrew has also added a few links to some of the elements he uses in this tutorial:

Download Noise Texture for Car paint

Link to Great Vibes Font

Learn More | Purchase Element 3D V2

Posted by Kim Sternisha