Tutorial: Premiere Pro: 17 Tips to Work Faster and Smarter

Tutorial: Premiere Pro: 17 Tips to Work Faster and Smarter
Tutorial May 15, 2018 at 06:50 AM

In this tutorial, Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid explains tons of tips, tricks and even hacks, from trimming to file management and more, to help you edit better, faster and smarter in Premiere Pro.

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Learn more about managing files, editing, trimming, audio, transitions, and more in this widespread and deep Premiere Pro tutorial.

Here's a breakdown of the tips and the time in the video if you want to see something specific:

  1. Create a new text title (1:00)
  2. Using Up and Down Arrow keys (2:13)
  3. Select and loop any part of your timeline (3:15)
  4. Play Around feature (4:20)
  5. Preview fullscreen with a keyboard shortcut (6:22)
  6. Change "Add Edit" hotkey to "z" (7:15)
  7. CMD/CTRL + Drag a Selection to select cuts (8:07)
  8. Apply Crossfade to multiple edits in your audio (9:03)
  9. Replacing a clip in your timeline (11:24)
  10. Trimming with hotkeys: Cut clip one frame at a time (11:45)
  11. Trimming with hotkeys: Move clip with attributes (13:00)
  12. Trimming with hotkeys: Trim clip before/after playhead (14:00)
  13. Removing and pasting attributes (15:37)
  14. Adding motion blur (17:30)
  15. Custom easing for better animations (19:38)
  16. Adjustment layers (21:10)
  17. Exporting with Media Encoder (23:00)

Found via No Film School.  Thanks for sharing.

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