Tutorial: PremiumVFX Animated Elements for FCPX #gettingstarted

Tutorial: PremiumVFX Animated Elements for FCPX #gettingstarted
Tutorial Jan 11, 2018 at 05:30 AM

Learn how to use the new Animated Elements for FCPX from PremiumVFX to enhance your motion designs with animated shapes, with this getting started tutorial.

premiumvfx animated elementsPremiumVFX Animated Elements for FCPX

Animated Elements is a set of 150 Professionally Animated Motion Graphics Shapes to enhance your projects.

Fully customizable. Combine and Blend easily, just drag and drop. Animated Texts and Backgrounds included!

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Getting Started Tutorial


Get a free trial today, download and install FxFactory. You can install this plug-in with the FxFactory app.


Posted by Kim Sternisha