Tutorial/Script: GI Area Light Script and Tutorials on Reflectance Channel for MAXON CINEMA 4D R16

News, Tutorial Sep 08, 2014 at 09:12 AM

This is a multipart post about the new Reflectance Channel in CINEMA 4D R16. First, Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla has a useful script to help you properly light a scene with the Reflectance Channel and his GI Area Light Script. Then, a couple of tutorials that really go into explaining this new Reflectance Channel and what you can do with it.

First, here's a video tutorial from Nick about the script explaining GI Area Light and how to light with the Reflectance channel in CINEMA 4D R16, which was released last week. Note: Don't have R16? Download a free trial here.

Nick warns, "Be sure it’s checked if you are adding luminant geometry to your scene or using (Greyscalegorillia HDRI) Light Kit Pro. It’s so important, we even made a script to make it super simple."

Read Nick's Post and download the script.

More on the Reflectance Channel 

MAXON has a video on Cineversity on the new feature and they explain it in depth. "Learn about multiple BRDF layers, Conductive Fresnel, Distance Dim, Anisotropy, Irawan Cloth and other features of the new Reflectance channel in CINEMA 4D."

In this tutorial, Rob Redman explains the Reflectance Channel in R16.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki