Tutorial: Speed up your HDRI Workflow in Arnold with HDRI Link

Tutorial: Speed up your HDRI Workflow in Arnold with HDRI Link
Tutorial Dec 12, 2017 at 06:47 PM

Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla explains how to work faster using HDRI Link with Cinema 4D and Arnold. Plus, the Greyscalegorilla One Day Sale is still happening, so details are in the post.

HDRI Link is a very useful workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers linke Arnold, Corona, Octane, Redshift and others to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI Expansion Pack library via their intuitive Browser technology. Choosing the right HDRI for your scene is often done by trial and error. HDRI Link makes this process as easy as a click. At this moment, Greyscalegorilla HDRI Link is on sale for only $41.40 (40% off!). The HDRI Expansion packs are also on sale 

In the tutorial, Chad explains the basic HDRI workflow with Arnold and how annoying and cumbersome it can be, and then shows you how to do it with HDRI Link. You'll never do it the old way again! 

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki