Tutorial Tuesday: Audio Tutorials for Video

Tutorial Tuesday: Audio Tutorials for Video
Tutorial Mar 21, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Here are a few audio tutorials made for the motion picture! Learn to edit dialog better, loudness levels, and audio restoration.

Tips to help abrupt dialog edits

Pro Tools is awesome has a great tip on working with dialog. Read Tips to help abrupt dialog edits.

See also: John Purcell on Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures from Waves.

How to Fill Ambience Gaps in Dialogue | iZotope RX

Quickly and easily create custom ambiance beds to fill gaps in dialogue with Ambience Match, available in RX Audio Editor.

5 THINGS: on Audio Restoration for Video Editors (episode 206)

They talk about Avid and Final Cut Pro with the topics of 

  1. Dialog clarity
  2. Noise reduction
  3. Reducing Reverb
  4. Levels and placement
  5. Last tips

How to Get Loud Consistent Sound for Video

The topics cover Loudness Normalization with Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS). This video covers both recording and working with audio in post.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki