Tutorial Tuesday: X-Particles Tutorial X-TRAVAGANZA - 22 X-Particles Tutorials

Jun 17, 2014 at 06:00 AM

X-Particles for CINEMA 4D is an incredibly powerful particle system which allows users to create fluids, particle paint and more. X-Particles allows precise control over almost all parameters of a particle using Questions and Actions. It doesn’t use the standard CINEMA 4D emitter or Thinking Particles and no Xpresso is required. Sound intriguing? Sound difficult to learn? Here are some tutorials to get you started.

If you don't have X-Particles, or CINEMA 4D, you can download free trials of the software. Jawset Turbulence FD is another that is used in some of the tutorials. Download and can play along!

Learn more about X-Particles plug-in  for CINEMA 4D

Tutorials in this Article

At first I attempted to put these in some sort of logical order, which proved to be very difficult since some of the tutorials cover multiple elements.

Quick Guide to X-Particles Emitter

The screaming fast emitter in X-Particles allows for an unbelievable maximum particle count of 1 billion particles! Some of the features are covered in tutorials below are:

  • fluid simulation with wet map generation
  • multiphysics constraints
  • collision engine

Mike Batchelor of slouchcorp.com is an expert in X-Particles so you'll be seeing his name here a lot. He does tutorials on his own and for INSYDIUM LTD, the maker of X-Particles. He put together six basic quick start guides on some of the X-Particles features to get you started with X-Particles.

X-Particles 2.5 Fluids and Foam

Here's a look at the new fluids system in v2.5 of X-Particles and how they use the core SPH fluids. 

Creating Turbulent Fluid Effects Using X-Particles for CINEMA 4D

We posted this one last month, but incase you missed it, learn to create ink drop like fluid effects using X-Particles for CINEMA 4D.

Quick Guide X-Particles Skinner

Mike Batchelor's quick start guide to the Skinner.  The skinner features a powerful mesher object that can use several particle sources: X-Particles, standard CINEMA 4D emitter, Thinking Particles. It can also use scene objects, completely replacing the CINEMA 4D metaball, to work in conjunction with the fluid system.

Corrosion Effect

Mike Batchelor shows how to create a corroded look in CINEMA 4D, using features in the X-Particles Emmitter, Skinner and Cache Object features.

X-Particles 2.5 Fragmenter Preview

The Fragmenter has the ability to turn any objects faces or objects into controllable particles.

Peeling Effects

Mike Batchelor uses the X-Particles Fragmentor Object to create peeling effects.

Download the project files here

Create a Cool Spiral with Sprites Attached

shows how to create a twistedly fun effect with X-Particles.

Objects To Sand With X-Particles

Ben Watts turns text into sand in CINEMA 4D. Download the project file here.

Quick Guide to X-Particles Collisions

Quick Guide to X-Particles Dynamics

Mike takes a look at the constraints (multi physics) and the SPH fluids in X-Particles.

Quick Guide X-Particles to Questions and Actions

Quick Guide X-Particles v2 Rendering

Learn about the built in rendering options in X-Particles v2.

Nebula Project

Mike Batchelor shows how to create a Nebula structures. He does a great job explaining features of the X-Particles rendering and materials.

Procedural Growth

X-Particles 2.5 is used to generate procedural growth structures to create organic forms.

Motion Blur for X-Particles

Mike shows a couple of ways to create motion blur using X-Particles default material and objects.

Turbulent Effects

Mike shows how to create turbulent Fluid Effects with X-Particles. 

Download the project files here

Dynamics Fake

Mike explains how to use X-Particles constraints and deformer to create a bouncing, bending motion. It's not true dynamics, hence the name. He uses dynamic springs with constraints and collisions to achieve the effect. 

Tornado Tutorial

Mike Explains how to create a tornado rig with X-Particles.

Introduction to Explosions Using X-Particles and Turbulence FD

Josh Johnson from VFXDaily.com makes explosions in CINEMA 4D using X-Particles to drive the Turbulence FD Fluids.

Particle Advection X-Particles With Turbulence FD Fluids

Lester Banks always serves up fine content on his blog and here's another via Lester. We first linked to this one in February 2014, but here it is again if you missed it. 

Lester Banks always serves up fine content on his blog and here's another via Lester.

2D Splash Effects with X-Particles

Mattias Peresini shows how to use X-Particles for CINEMA 4D to quickly create parametric splash and trails, with homage to the classic look of 2D cell animation.

Check out Mattrunks Playground for fun gif animations of other effects Mattias has created. 

Posted by Michele Yamazaki