Update: Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2017.3 - Autosave, glTF and Felix Exports

Update: Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2017.3 - Autosave, glTF and Felix Exports
News Oct 05, 2017 at 11:23 AM

Substance Painter 2017.3 introduces new export options, a long awaited auto-backup feature, UI improvements and more.

Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture, render and share your work.

This new update to Substance Painter brings its share of new features (version 2017.3 if you’re keeping track). Send your assets straight to the web or Adobe’s Project Felix with new glTF 2.0 and Adobe Standard Material export options, give your patterns some kick with the improved gradient filter and enjoy some comfy new UI tweaks – all while knowing that your work is safe thanks to a new auto-backup feature.

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What's new in Substance Painter 2017.3

Adobe Project Felix Export

Using the Adobe Standard Material export option, your assets are now ready-to-render in Adobe’s latest compositing and rendering tool.

substance painter felix

glTF 2.0 Export

Substance Painter can now export glTF 2.0 scenes. glTF is a universal 3D scene format developed by the Khronos Group and currently gaining a lot of momentum in the industry. It’s lightweight, PBR ready, standardized and open source.

substance painter gitf


A new plugin is now shipped with Substance Painter, allowing you to set up incremental backup copies of your projects and avoid losing data after a crash. A cool additional feature allows you to quickly snooze a scheduled backup to avoid having a long save happening in the middle of an important task on larger projects.

UX Tweaks and Improvements

Several small improvements have been made in different parts of the UI to make your life easier, with 2 main highlights:

  • Tabs on Top - You’ll notice that tabs are now on top of the windows rather than at the bottom, conforming with the 99.9% of other apps out there. Tabs can now also be closed more easily, similar to how you close tabs in a web browser.
  • Drag and Drop in the Viewport - Substance Painter projects and meshes can now be drag-and-dropped directly in the viewport to make either opening a project or updating a mesh more convenient.

Substance painter drag and drop

Improved Gradient filter

The Gradient filter now supports up to 10 keys with customizable positions and colors. This is especially useful for stylized workflows where most of the texturing can be done by applying gradients to the curvature and ambient occlusion bakes. It can also be used to create more advanced color patterns such as rust texture from a procedural noise.

The new Gradient filter also open new doors for some advanced usages, such as changing the profile of an height input allowing to create new shapes and designs for example.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha