Update: Chaos Group Phoenix FD for Maya, 3ds Max 3.04 Now Available

Update: Chaos Group Phoenix FD for Maya, 3ds Max 3.04 Now Available
News Jun 14, 2017 at 01:26 PM

Chaos Group has released an important update for Phoenix FD for 3ds Max, and Phoenix FD for Maya.

In addition to several features and fixes detailed below, Phoenix FD for 3ds Max now supports 3ds Max 2018.

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Phoenix FD™ is a complete solution for fluid dynamics. It is used to simulate realistic water, fire, and other effects for multiple television series such as Game of Thrones and The Flash, and is specifically designed for fast-paced production.

What's new in v3.04

New Features


  • Support for 3ds Max 2018
  • Remove the DEMO configuration and implement support for TRIAL builds


  • Option to control droplet breakup and droplet size when Surface Tension is used


  • Ocean Off-Screen margin option to allow extending the ocean outside of the render view
  • Option to control the roughness of the ocean horizon


  • Auto White Speed for the preview of particles
  • Preview for the particle RGB channel


  • Add an option to use environment variables in Phoenix FD cache files path


  • Implement emission based on Vertex Color and Vertex Color tex map
  • Option to disable or enable liquid discharge from the Liquid Source


  • Ability for the Body Force to evenly fill a volume


  • Support for the 3ds Max Drag force


  • Export and import the RGB Color channel to/from PRT caches


  • Add a MAXScript function that loads render presets - A_LoadRenderPreset [node] [preset_path]

Modified Features


  • When the simulator is renamed, its cache files should be renamed too


  • Optimized Particle-based mesh smoothing of very large files

Curve control

  • New and converted Bezier and Spline ramp points should follow the slope of the curve


  • Allow animating the Body Force Max Distance


  • Allow Restoring or Loading the simulation from script inside OnSimulationBegin without an infinite recursion

Bug Fixes


  • Adaptive grid attached to animated body is jittering when motion speed changes
  • Fast moving fire emitter leaves frozen voxels using Adaptive Grid
  • Second NUMA node is not recognized and utilized on machines with more than 64 cores
  • Drag particles are not affected by Body Force even when the affected channels include Velocity
  • Foam and splash occasionally gets stuck when exiting the borders of a ship simulation
  • Splashes are born underwater with Splash By Free Fly above 0
  • Inertial forces with value set to 0 still affect the liquid


  • Rendering artifacts with Optimize Congestion in Bubble mode and Liquid Geometry
  • Flickering ocean surface seen in reflections with a moving camera
  • Bubbles that intersect the liquid surface render over-bright with enabled Particle Shader Light Cache
  • Sequence render with Defscanline and Fire Lights keeps showing the lights after the cache sequence ends
  • Black artifacts rendering with Light Cache when the container is inside refractive geometry with gray fog color
  • Rendering particles as Points in Geometry mode produce NaN Pixels
  • No motion blur on the simulator in ocean mode with a moving camera locked to a moving simulator
  • Blending particles that are born and die each frame produces a lot less particles


  • Opening a cache file with a negative frame index does not load the rest of the sequence


  • Numerical Errors when applying the Fire preset on a PFlow emitter and changing the Source Prt Shape


  • Turbulence in Pressure Mode cannot affect the Liquid simulator
  • Pressure Mode deactivates the preview of Turbulence Streamlines


  • Hidden Mapper with Initializer enabled still affects the simulator
  • Crash when transferring velocity between two sims using a Mapper, Grid Texture and SPF over 1


  • Copying any Phoenix texmap between the Sample Slots of the material editor loses the name of the map


  • Crash when using Grid Texture as discharge map with overlapped simulators
  • If a simulator is renamed, liquid becomes not renderable with Phoenix texture
  • Blending Grid Textures using a Composite map produces a different render after the first frame and in animation


  • Rotating the PhoenixOceanTex produces different wave patterns in different scales


  • Scene scale does not affect liquid Quick Setup presets which use VRayMtl's Fog multiplier
  • The turbulence Strength of the Cigarette and Fire presets does not scale according to the emitter size


  • VRScenes exported from 3ds Max always have Probabilistic Volumetrics forced On

Posted by Alicia VanHeulen