Update: Flame Ramma 1.1.2 adds more image support

Update: Flame Ramma 1.1.2 adds more image support
News Apr 14, 2017 at 12:59 PM

This small update to Ramma adds support for Adobe Photoshop .psd, Digital Negative .dng and Jpeg2000 jp2.

Ramma is a post production support tool that is designed to take the pain out of finding problems when working with image sequences of animation or video. Render problems can happen for many reasons, often due to hardware or software failure, or human error but hunting down these problems in sequences can be a nightmare.

This is why Ramma exists. Whether they be missing or dropped frames, corrupted or even non-contiguous frames that are given an incorrect numerical padding in the filename, Ramma quickly and automatically detects these common problems.

Try Ramma today.  (found under the standalone section)

What's new in Ramma 1.1.2?

  • ability to reveal sequence in Finder/Explorer
  • ability to find selected frame in Finder/Explorer
  • support for .ignore/_ignore*.* files to omit folders
  • support for Adobe Photoshop .psd
  • support for Digital Negative .dng
  • support for Jpeg2000 jp2
  • updated theme inspired by frame.io

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Posted by Kim Sternisha