Update: Flowbox VFX Platform releases Rotoscoping v1.6 w/ F-splines and workflow speed boost.

Update: Flowbox VFX Platform releases Rotoscoping v1.6  w/ F-splines and workflow speed boost.
News Mar 20, 2018 at 07:17 AM

Flowbox is a Rotoscoping & VFX platform built with collaboration in mind. Flowbox v1.6 now offers F-Splines allowing for the combination of Béziers and X-Splines in a single curve, plus lots of other new features and a big performance boost.

Krakow,​ ​Poland:​ ​Flowbox, the creator of a node-based VFX platform focused on Rotoscoping, has just released a big update featuring F-splines curves. Other notable additions include Animated Crop and Hard Edge Checker. Flowbox Rotoscoping 1.6 is drastically faster thanks to numerous optimizations.

“Flowbox 1.6 is all about performance and new features. By adding F-spline curves we are not match the competition but we also took a huge step forward by introducing a unique capability to combine Beziers & X-splines into one unified form. We listened to our customer’s feedback and introduced many usability tweaks to speed up your roto workflow.”
-Paweł Pietraszko (Chief Product Officer) on the newest Flowbox update.

Here is a highlight of what is coming along with this release, the full list can be found on the changelog or watch the new v1.6 videos showing the newest features:

  • F-Splines - new shape representation for ultimate flexibility: combine unique powers of Beziers and X-Splines in a single curve.
  • Hard Edge Checker - will save the day when dealing with motion blur.
  • Pause Viewer - you can now freeze a selected Viewer to achieve real-time playback when using multiple Viewers.
  • Crop - now you can crop your 4K plate to save memory and keep the best performance
  • Corner Pin Import - easily import Corner Pin from Mocha or Nuke
  • Render to separate channels - split your roto into separate channels to save on rendering time.

Flowbox is already building version 1.7. It will include Mocha Planar Tracking​ and more surprises.

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Yearly or monthly licences are available (along with the educational licences on request).

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Posted by Kim Sternisha