Update: Lightmap HDR Light Studio - Compatible with MODO 11

Update: Lightmap HDR Light Studio - Compatible with MODO 11
News Jul 11, 2017 at 07:27 AM

Lightmap has updated their HDR Light Studio Connection for MODO for compatibility with MODO 11. Customers can download the free update by logging into their Lightmap account.

HDR Light Studio - A better place to light your shots

For Professional 3D Computer Graphic Artists and 3D Visualizers that want to light their shots faster, more creatively, and to a higher standard. HDR Light Studio is a dedicated lighting application that removes tedious setup and guesswork from the lighting process. The lighting created inside HDR Light Studio is then used by your existing 3D software to light the final render.

HDR Light Studio


MODO Connection for HDR Light Studio

Buy purchasing the MODO connection, you can seamlessly push the model to HDR Light Studio and pull the environment map back into MODO without having to import/export via the filesystem. Connections allow you to view each of your lighting changes both in HDR Light Studio’s optimised renderer and in your 3D app’s final renderer.

HDR Light Studio - Connection for MODO

Compatible with MODO, Octane and V-Ray renderers, including MODO 11.


Please Note: LightPaint in the MODO viewport in MODO version 11.1 does not work. Lightmap is working with Foundry to find a fix for this issue. (It works fine in MODO 11.0)

Posted by Alicia VanHeulen