Update: New Features and Enhancements in LiveGrade Pro 4.3

Update: New Features and Enhancements in LiveGrade Pro 4.3
News Nov 13, 2018 at 04:41 PM

Highlights include video router control and automation, advanced grade node controls, ACES support, and much more!

Highlights of LiveGrade Pro 4.3:

  • Video router control and automation: Set up video routing configurations for Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub devices, and automate them on certain events – such as changing slots or switching to another application.
  • Advanced-grade node controls: Define custom names for grade nodes. Save them and build up your library of “node presets”, e.g. for filter corrections.
  • ACES support: an Improved mechanism for downloading ACES transforms, and ACES version 1.1.

What's new in LiveGrade Pro 4.3

Video Router Control And Automation:

  • Router Control: Support for Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub
  • Configurations: Create routing configurations for selected router connections
  • Apply: Apply routing configurations on certain actions (e.g. slot changes) or menu/custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Automation: Custom automation for in-application events and actions

New Node Presets:

  • Selected Nodes: Save selected grading nodes
  • Look Library: Build your library of "node presets", e.g. for filter corrections
  • Apply: Only update nodes with the same name

Updated Aces Support:

  • Downloading: An Improved mechanism for downloading ACES transforms
  • ACES 1.1: New ACES 1.1 version available

More Features And Improvements:

  • Wildcards: More wildcards for file names for a look and still export
  • Still export: Export of stills without look applied ("log" still export)
  • Reference Mode: Compare in split screen as well as overlay mode
  • LUT presets: New LUT presets for ARRI, RED, and Sony cameras
  • Non-interactive mode: New for ARRI CAP and Sony F65 cameras

Video Router Control

Control And Automate Video Routing Devices

Video routers are often used to route camera signals to the devices controlled by LiveGrade Pro. Users of LiveGrade Pro can now setup routing configurations within the application, and trigger these configurations either from the application when needed, or automate them on certain events within the application such as slot changes. With this feature, the entire video setup can now be operated from LiveGrade Pro.

Pomfort LiveGrade ProPomfort LiveGrade Pro

The Reference for Professional Look Creation

LiveGrade Pro is the standard software for look management on set and beyond. Its complete scalability and superior integration with various camera workflows and setups have made it an integral part of TV, commercial and cinema productions. Around the globe DITs and DOPs rely on LiveGrade Pro to simplify their creative workflow and enhance on-set collaboration.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki