Update: Redshift v2.6.15.23 Available

Update: Redshift v2.6.15.23 Available
News Sep 24, 2018 at 06:45 AM

This build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, C4D, Katana, and Softimage.  Redshift 2.6 versions require NVidia driver version 390.65 or later (Windows), 390.25 or later (Linux) and 387.128 or later (macOS).

Note: Version 2.6.21 was the release that brought compatibility with Maxon Cinema 4D R20. 

Important Information

This release introduces a change to the underlying data for RSVolume shader parameters.
The plug-ins will perform the necessary data conversion automatically when an older scene is detected.
Once that scene is saved, it will become incompatible with previous versions of the plug-ins. 
Please keep a backup of your scenes before saving them with version 2.6.23.

Release Notes
* [Max] IMPORTANT: Material / Texmap class names and categories are changing in a future release.  Read about the proposed changes here: https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/20706/
* [Max] WARNING: “absorption_values” parameter of RS Volume Material is now obsolete and will not be stored with the scene (upgraded to “absorption_colors”)
* [Max] Added support for Max object visibility
* [Max] Added bitmap sequence time controls to RS Camera Map
* [C4D] Added support for per-object opacity through the Visibility parameter of the Display tag
* [C4D] Added support for creating texture cache files (rstexbin) through the Cache Textures option in the Asset Manager
* [C4D] Extended the Asset Manager to include all non-texture assets from the scene (for example alembic files)
* [C4D] Addressed a core assertion error when exporting proxies
* [C4D] Changed the RSVolume absorption curve parameter into a color ramp 
* [Houdini] Added support for points instancing and particles multiple steps motion blur in objects with a non-constant topology
* [Houdini] Added support for the “w” angular speed and “accel” acceleration attributes for the instances/particles motion blur computed from the velocity “v” attribute
* [Houdini] New option in the RS ROP node to disable the automatic promotion of the packed prims. “agentshapename” attribute to the final primitives “name” attribute
* [Houdini] Viewport quad and disk area lights direction vector
* [Houdini] Addressed the support of the visibility and matte flags in the volume instancers
* [Houdini] Addressed the sphere lights non-uniform scaling using the area size parameters
* [Houdini] Addressed the support of the instanced lights area size parameter
* [C4D/Houdini/Katana] Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.22 that would incorrectly assume an auto default gamma of 1.0 for 16-bit integer TIF textures
* [All] Volume material absorption updated to support color ramps
* [All] Fixed bug in Cryptomatte code that could produce crashes with redshiftCmdLine
* [All] Fixed bug that could produce corrupt-looking single scattering when geometry goes out-of-core
* [All] Fixed bug that could result in incorrect matte object background colors when using a negative alpha override
* [All] Fixed recently introduced a bug that would trigger an assert when adding total diffuse lighting AOVs
* [All] Fixed ancient bug that could cause AOV corruption or even crashes when rendering with AOVs and transparent Incandescent materials
* [All] Added matte-shadow ‘include/exclude from other mattes’ support for volume objects

Source: Redshift forums

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