Update: Resolume v6.0.6 Adds 2 New Features to Arena and Avenue

Update: Resolume v6.0.6 Adds 2 New Features to Arena and Avenue
News Mar 12, 2018 at 05:51 AM

This small point update comes with 2 new features and a slew of bug fixes that will keep you from gnashing your teeth in frustration.

Resolume Arena Media Server

Arena has everything Avenue has, plus advanced options for projection mapping and blending projectors. Control it from a lighting desk and sync to the DJ via SMPTE timecode.

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Resolume Avenue VJ Software

Avenue is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. Avenue puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips, so you can quickly play and improvise your live visuals.

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Resolume v6.0.6 adds two new features!


  • 6966 Identify Slice or Fixture: new option in the Show Slice and Grid menu, will draw a slice white when mouse-overing
  • 10830 NDI Ptz controls: Pan/tilt/zoom and focus controls in the Clip Properties


  • 10660 Shortcuts panel missing
  • 10670 Random BPM Sync drunk walk is broken
  • 10694 Slow loading time when entering MIDI Shortcuts
  • 10734 Midi Clock jumps to 20 or 500 bpm
  • 10779 Unable to save alpha type of an transparent image file
  • 10787 External FFT broken on group parameters and effects
  • And lots more.

You can download the newst versions here.

Or take them out for a spin with a free demo. (under Standalone/Host Applications)

Posted by Kim Sternisha