Update: The Foundry CameraTracker v1.0v6 Now Available

News Jan 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Bug fix, known issues and workarounds.


The Foundry CAMERATRACKER for After Effects allows you to pull 3D motion tracks and matchmoves without having to leave AE. It analyses the source sequence and extracts the original camera's lens and motion parameters, allowing you to composite 2D or 3D elements correctly with reference to the camera used to film the shot.

The Foundry CameraTracker v1.0v6 Fixed Bugs:

BUG ID 33080 - On Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), clicking the CameraTracker About button crashed After Effects. Update Now

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Tracking with Render During Analysis enabled may be interrupted by After Effects events such as Autosave, and when switching away to another application and back again. If you are tracking a long layer, or are planning on switching away during the track, disable Render During Analysis.
  • Differences between the frame rate of the composition and imported footage can produce unreliable feature track data.
  • To avoid this issue, ensure that the overall frame rate of your composition is identical to the layer containing the footage you intend to track.
  • BUG ID 11088 - Menus can’t be tied to right click events in the Viewer. Use the CameraTracker Menu in the viewer or cmd/ctrl click to access the
  • menu.
  • BUG ID 12298 - Pressing the Cancel button during the Solve Camera or Create Scene phases does not halt the process.
  • BUG ID 12975 - Transforming the Null Object parent associated with the CameraTracker camera doesn't automatically update the Point Cloud if you’re using an After Effects Custom View. To force the Null to update, manipulate the camera in the Viewer using the Unified Camera Tool.
  • BUG ID 12302 - Overlay handles are drawn offset from subset masks. To avoid this, precomp your mask in a composition of the same resolu- tion as the current one.
  • BUG ID 13979 - Viewing the Point Cloud using the After Effects preset views (Top, Left, Right, etc.) does not produce the correct interpretation of points. To avoid this, use the Custom View options and pan the camera around the scene using the Unified Camera Tool.
  • BUG ID 33236 - On Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), with a dual monitor setup and mirror displays enabled, the CameraTracker About dialog causes After Effects to become unresponsive.

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