• Sale: AEScripts Summer of Sales - 25% Off Select Authors

    May 07, 2018 AE Pixel Sorter, BAO Boa, Dataclay Templater Rig

    For one week during each of the summer months, AEScripts will be featuring a select group of After Effects plug-ins authors that will have their entire product catalog on sale for 25% off. This week save on products from BAO, Markus Bergelt, Motion Boutique Rowbyte and more.

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  • New: BAO Layer Sculptor for Precise Layer Bending & Warping in After Effects + Tutorial

    Mar 20, 2018 BAO Layer Sculptor

    Draw a mask exactly where you need it and warp it with perfect precision. Plus, there’s a tutorial showing you how to use Layer Sculptor in After Effects. But that’s not all. Get introductory pricing, so now is the time to grab Bao Layer Sculptor!

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  • Compatibility: Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 & Plug-ins #CC2017

    Nov 09, 2016

    With a big release of software, there are often plug-ins that don’t work quite right. We have compiled a list of what works and what has known issues with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Release.

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  • aescripts + aeplugins BG Renderer Pro for After Effects

    Jun 22, 2015

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  • New: GEOlayers from Markus Bergelt

    Mar 18, 2015 GEOlayers 2 for After Effects, Red Giant Trapcode Mir

    With this new After Effects plug-in from Markus Bergelt you can have the whole world… in one layer!

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  • Midweek Motivation: The Global Business Cycle

    Jan 07, 2015 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Rowbyte Plexus for Adobe After Effects

    It doesn’t sound exciting, but this infographic uses Plexus and a multitude of aescripts to create a very engaging video.

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  • Tutorial Tuesday: Adobe After Effects 3D Pre-compose Free Script + tutorial!

    Sep 02, 2014 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses

    Tired of having to copy and paste the cameras and lights when you pre-compose a 3D aware layer in After Effects?  This free script from Video Copilot will do it automatically!  And the tutorial shows you how.

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  • Compatibility: Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Plug-in Compatibility & Resources

    Jul 07, 2014 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps, Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Teams & Businesses

    Here is information on Adobe Video Apps and it’s plug-ins. We’ll update this list as we have new information, so bookmark this page!

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  • Photo: Some Famous Faces at the Adobe HQ

    Oct 07, 2013

    After the After Effects World Conference, I had the opportunity to meet up with the cream of the crop of AE users.

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  • Blurrypixel Pixel Cloud

    Jul 12, 2013

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  • New: aescripts + aeplugins Immigration for After Effects

    Feb 01, 2013

    Immigration is a smart import and batch replace tool that greatly improves the workflow of importing and replacing files especially file sequences and highly nested hierarchies.

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  • aescripts + aeplugins Immigration

    Feb 01, 2013

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  • New Years Resolution: Learn After Effects Inside and Out

    Dec 31, 2012

    Is your New Years Resolution to really get a good grasp on After Effects or maybe add to your skills set and master the program? Here are some resources that are helpful to beginners and seasoned pros alike.

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  • Tutorial: Roll Your Own Cinema 4D-Style Effectors in After Effects

    Dec 13, 2012

    A tutorial from Dylan Winter at San Francisco Burning, he says “If you ever wished that you could take advantage of some of Cinema 4D’s powerful effector tools while working in After Effects, your wish may now be granted. Using some clever scripting and a basic control system, we’re going to rig up our very own effectors within After Effects.”

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  • New: Auto Lip-Sync Script for After Effects

    Jul 25, 2012

    Animating a mouth realistically required a lot of work, time and keyframes. At least at the time before Auto Lip-Sync was released.

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  • New: AEScripts iExpressions and MochaImport+ for Adobe After Effects

    May 17, 2012

    Developed by mamoworld. iExpressions allow you to use After Effects expressions without writing or reading a single line of code; MochaImport Plus allows to quickly and easily send your footage for tracking in Mocha then import the Mocha tracking data back in After Effects and use it in whatever way you want.

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