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  • Midweek Motivation: Redshift Renders

    Dec 12, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio, Redshift

    So many 3D Artists are creating amazing art with Redshift. Here’s a compilation of Redshift renders that I thought were pretty cool.  Happy viewing.

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  • Midweek Motivations: More Stuff with Behind the Scenes

    Dec 05, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps, Adobe Photoshop CC for Teams & Businesses

    This award-winning animation from Blue Zoo Animation really captures the way I feel about the holiday season! Plus, it’s very funny and beautifully modeled, textured, and animated. Musical comedian Ben Champion created the song.

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  • Midweek Motivation: 3D battle: Microsoft Excel VS Maxon Cinema 4D

    Nov 28, 2018 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    Yep, you heard right. Graphic Designer and self proclaimed “Crazy Illustrator” Alexey Shelkovnikov, pits Excel against C4D to see which gives a more interesting 3D image.  This is hysterical, fascinating and a surprisingly close competition.

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  • Midweek Motivation: Tennyson - L’oiseau qui danse from Jean-Marie Marbach

    Nov 21, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Red Giant Trapcode Form, Red Giant Trapcode Horizon

    This gorgeous animation features the music of Tennyson and was directed by Jean-Marie Marbach. Jean-Marie used particle effects and environments created with Trapcode Suite. He also elaborated on his use of Trapcode Suite for us. We shared this one last year but we’re sharing it again because it is a winner at 2018 SIGGRAPH Asia, taking place during the first week of December in Tokyo, Japan! Félicitations à vous, Jean-Marie!

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  • Midweek Motivations: Sonder

    Nov 14, 2018

    Written and directed by Neth Nom and produced by Sara K. Sampson, Sonder is an animated short that animators worldwide worked on over the past few years, using the Unity Engine.

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  • Midweek Motivations/Event: Phillip Boutte Jr. and the Mosaic Film Experience

    Nov 14, 2018 Adobe Illustrator CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Photoshop CC for Teams & Businesses, Pixologic™ ZBrush®

    Last Thursday I volunteered at the Mosaic Film Experience, which is a film festival with creative and educational workshops for high school kids. It’s geared toward kids who may not have access to equipment or media education, to help build and inspire the next generation of filmmakers and media artists. The highlight, for me, was meeting Phillip Boutte. Jr., who is a costume concept designer. His work is phenomenal and he’s a super nice guy.. Check out his reel and an interview about his career, plus photos and videos from The Mosaic Film Experience 2018.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Bilby, a Short from Dreamworks

    Nov 07, 2018

    Dreamworks Bilby looks adorable. “Bilby” directed by Pierre Perifel, J.P. Sans, and Liron Topaz is a short that was originally from a full-length Tim Minchin film that was canceled called Larrikins.

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  • Midweek Motivations: The Fascinating History of Cemeteries

    Oct 31, 2018

    This TedEd animated piece, with the Lesson by Keith Eggener, seemed perfect to post on this spooky day. The animation style reminds me of School House Rock and was done by Britain-based illustrators and animators Remus & Kiki, also known as Remus Buznea & Kyriaki Kyriakou.

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  • Big Screen Effects: Behind the Scenes: VFX in The Nun and Conjuring Series

    Oct 24, 2018 NewTek LightWave 3D 2018

    Yesterday we posted an article about how to make some of the effects in The Nun and Conjuring series from Film Riot, as well as Ghostbusters, and horror film effects in general. Today, go behind the scenes to see how they were done in production and post-production.

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  • Midweek Motivations: OPPO F7, Cinema 4D and Redshift

    Oct 24, 2018 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, Maxon CINEMA 4D R20 License Server for Floating Licenses (to float 1-4 seats)

    Panoply created this dark, cinematic ad for the OPPO F7 in which they took tonality and style references from the likes of some the best known sci-fi films of the few decades: Blade Runner, Elysium and District 9.

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  • Midweek Motivations: CONSTRUCT by Kevin Margo with Making Of Video & Interview

    Oct 17, 2018 Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection, Autodesk MotionBuilder

    CONSTRUCT is a 12-minute film, from Kevin Margo and a 75 person crew of his talented friends, many from BLUR. It’s about a family man droid and some mafia-type droids who are involved in several fight sequences. I’ll leave it at that as to not spoil the plot. There is a lot of action! It’s photorealistic and used lots of motion capture, totaling 210 all-CG shots. Impressive work!  This film is a couple of years old but it’s SO good!

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  • C4D/Redshift/ZBrush: Interview: Creating the Memorable ‘Humankind’ Titles for TEDxSydney

    Oct 17, 2018 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    Go behind the scenes of TEDxSydney 2018 and see how the Australia-based studio, Substance, created the title sequence, ‘Humankind’, using Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini and ZBrush.

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  • Inspiration/Event: HalfRez 7 Ident Video & Photo Gallery

    Oct 11, 2018 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, Maxon CINEMA 4D R20 License Server for Floating Licenses (to float 1-4 seats)

    HalfRez7 took place last Wednesday at the Chop Shop in Chicago. It was a fun event with lots of inspiring speakers and an interview with Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot, Cube Races, lots of prizes and schwag, and of course, loads of interesting people. First, an amazing video from Brody Davis, then a photo gallery.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters - VFX reel by HiFi 3D

    Oct 10, 2018

    Check out some strange and gory effects from HiFi 3D used in Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters.

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  • Midweek Motivations: One Small Step by TAIKO Studios with Some Behind the Scenes

    Oct 03, 2018

    Directed by Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas, One Small Step is the story of a Chinese-American girl called Luna who wants to be an astronaut. It’s adorable but such a beautiful story animated in a 2D style but created with 3D software from TAIKO Studios, an award-winning studio, formed by CEO Shaofu Zhang, a former Disney, and Imageworks animator.

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  • Midweek Motivations: “Imagine” easyJet Ad by MPC with VFX Breakdown

    Sep 26, 2018

    This is beautiful commercial was created by MPC advertising. It really makes me want to get on a plane! Really beautiful work!

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  • Midweek Motivation: Greyscalegorilla 5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners

    Sep 19, 2018 Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite, Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro for CINEMA 4D, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    5-second projects are a Greyscalegorilla community driven animation competition. Here are the winners of the latest theme, Treasure. The entries are clever, detailed, and overall, rather amazing.

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  • Midweek Motivations: A Very Strange Ad for Little Baby’s Ice Cream with Behind the Scenes

    Sep 12, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps

    These are seriously the oddest commercials I’ve ever seen. I’ll give them huge points for originality! There’s a great behind the scenes video with director/editor Doug Garth Wiliams, explaining how it was done too. (Hint: it’s marshmallow fluff, green screen, and After Effects).

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  • Midweek Motivations: Job, Joris, and Marieke Shorts

    Sep 05, 2018 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, Maxon CINEMA 4D R20 License Server for Floating Licenses (to float 1-4 seats)

    One of my Facebook friends posted Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen, Marieke Blaauw’s “A Single Life”, an Oscar-Nominated Short about a woman who can manipulate time by moving the needle on a record. It is fantastic so I dove a little deeper into their work. This Dutch team has done many other wonderful, creative, funny, and sad animated shorts and projects, and they use Cinema 4D!

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  • Midweek Motivations: V-Ray Showreel 2018

    Aug 29, 2018 Chaos Group V-Ray - Academic, Chaos Group V-Ray for Autodesk Softimage, Chaos Group V-Ray for Cinema 4D

    The work on this V-Ray reel is top shelf. You’ll want to watch this one twice!

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