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  • Midweek Motivation: Xfrog - FedEx Enchanted Forest

    Aug 15, 2018 Xfrog for Cinema 4D, Xfrog for Maya, Xfrog Plants 2D Plants

    Watch Psyop’s “Forest” for FedEx, using Xfrog 5 for Maya to animate trees and enchanted forest elements.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Evil Genius Main Title Sequence

    Aug 15, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps, Adobe Photoshop CC for Teams & Businesses

    John Morena created the graphics package for Netflix’s Evil Genius, and this title sequence is just a portion of the pieces that he made for the program.

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  • Midweek Motivations: More Advertisements

    Aug 15, 2018

    These ads are above and beyond a regular commercial. Check out the incredible VFX! First, a wild boar in a Volkswagen commercial with a “Behind the Scenes” look at the boar and a fun new ad for the iPhone X.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Advertising, August 2018 Edition

    Aug 08, 2018 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps, Adobe Photoshop CC for Teams & Businesses

    I tend to ignore advertising, as I’m sure a lot of you do. You’ll want to watch these examples, however. They’re works of art, running the gamut from fast and beautiful motion graphics, stunning visual effects, to super cute 3D.

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  • Midweek Motivation: Avid: Editor Phil Bowman - Meeting the Challenge of Real Stories

    Aug 08, 2018 Avid Media Composer - Subscription, Avid Media Composer | Legacy

    The success of a documentary series like See No Evil relies on a talented editor with software to match. Read an excerpt of Phil Bowman’s story here and follow the link to the full article on Avidblogs.com.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Music Video Roundup

    Aug 01, 2018

    Here are a few music videos that have caught our eyes over the past few months.

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  • Midweek Motivations: The Ratio by Tomasz Dabert

    Jul 25, 2018 Redshift

    Tomasz Dabert started creating this for a client, who ended up canceling the project before it was finished, but Tomasz decided to finish it anyway. Wow!

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  • Midweek Motivation: Age Reduction VFX - NUKE, Mocha Pro

    Jul 25, 2018 Boris Continuum Beauty Studio, Boris Mocha Pro, Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video

    Digital Compositor and Beauty artist Rousselos Aravantinos is at it again with another amazing age reduction visual effects demo, created with NUKE and Mocha Pro.

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  • Midweek Motivation: Leviathan’s Dolby Gallery Metamorphosis

    Jul 18, 2018

    Leviathan’s Metamorphosis is an audiovisual odyssey that extracts brilliant color data from masterpieces of the past century to create an entirely new experience of art.

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  • Midweek Motivations: The Starry Night 360, an immersive experience

    Jul 18, 2018 RE:Vision Effects Video Gogh, Red Giant ToonIt, Sheffield Softworks Artitude

    I’m a big fan of Van Gogh and this is a great use of 360° video. This an incredibly beautiful 360° experience by 3D Motion Magic Shanghai. I want to jump into this world and experience it for real! Make sure you watch it full screen. There are several other videos here that are modern artworks also inspired by the work of Van Gogh.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Historical Dramas

    Jul 11, 2018

    I love those historical dramas about the monarchies like The Crown, Victoria, The Tudors, and so on. Besides the great acting and storylines, the visual effects and matte paintings make these shows that immerse you in the rich history. Here is some of the great VFX work that went into these programs.

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  • Big Screen FX: Deadpool 2

    Jul 11, 2018 Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, Pomfort Silverstack Lab

    Deadpool is back in Deadpool 2, as he tries to save a young boy with supernatural powers from Cable, a time traveling cyborg.  The jokes in DP2 are better, the action is bigger and the VFX…well..of course that’s bigger and better too!  Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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  • Midweek Motivations: EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO - Opening Credits, VFX Breakdown, Promos

    Jun 27, 2018

    I’m going to Spain next month so I’ve been watching some films and television on Netflix produced in Spain to help with learning the language and culture. El Ministerio del Tiempo is a fantastic show about time travel and has a charming opening sequence by USER T38, a Madrid-based post-production, graphic design, traditional animation, 3D and conceptual design studio.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Portland State Film School Reels Contest

    Jun 20, 2018

    Here are the winners of the Portland State Film School student reels contest, sponsored by Toolfarm and Red Giant.

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  • Midweek Motivation: 2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup Graphics Package

    Jun 20, 2018

    If you watched the World Cup on Fox, then you saw some fantastic graphic design, set designs and even augmented reality.  |drive| created the beautiful and stunning identity package for the 2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup, which aired on Fox Sports.

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  • Midweek Motivations: The Tick VFX Breakdown

    Jun 13, 2018

    The new version of The Tick is such a fun ride. Learn about some of the VFX that have gone into the series.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Lucas the Spider / Joshua Slice

    Jun 13, 2018

    Joshua Slice, an animator who has worked on films such as Big Hero 6, Ferdinand, and Zootopia, is the man behind this adorable hairy, multi-eyed jumping spider named Lucas. This side project of Joshua’s has turned into an internet sensation! It’s so cute!!

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  • Big Screen Effects: Peter Rabbit

    Jun 06, 2018 Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection, Pomfort LiveGrade Pro

    Peter Rabbit is a hybrid CG/Live-Action feature from Sony and Animal Logic starring Domhnall Gleeson, as the young Mr. MacGregor, and the voice of James Corden as Peter Rabbit.
    This film has it all: the voice talent is phenomenal, the writing is funny, the soundtrack is great, and the CGI is adorable. My daughter was a huge fan of the Beatrix Potter books when she was little so we’ve been longtime fans of Peter Rabbit, and the film did not disappoint. It was fun to watch, even for adults, with some creative use of animated sketches. Here are some behind the scenes videos and information about what went into this film.

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  • Midweek Motivations: HIDDEN, a CG Short

    May 30, 2018 Maxon CINEMA 4D R19 License Server for Floating Licenses (to float 1-4 seats), Maxon CINEMA 4D R19 License Server for Floating Licenses (to float 5-9 seats), MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    This film short by Sekani Solomon is about self-appreciation. “It’s about uncovering some of the thoughts and feelings that make us who we are and seeing that those feelings are beautiful,” says Sekani. Some of the tools used in the production of the film include Maxon Cinema 4D, Redshift, Marvelous Designer, Daz 3D, and Nuke. Amazing work.

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  • Midweek Motivations: Heroes and Legends - Falcon’s Creative Group

    May 30, 2018 Redshift

    Heroes and Legends is an immersive multi-sensory attraction at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. See the VFX Breakdown of it here. They used Redshift in the creation of the attraction.

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